Unannounced MachineGames project is under development, and its not Indiana Jones

LinkedIn has a change in the profile that hints that an unannounced MachineGames project is in the works.

MachineGames new game
MachineGames unannounced project is under development

Over the past few years, MachineGames have been known for working on a variety of titles, and the studio has launched several Wolfenstein titles such as Wolfenstein: The New Order, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, and Wolfenstein: Youngblood. 

Moreover, the studio has likewise been developing an Indiana Jones game for quite some time now, and Teemu Kivikangas, the senior game designer of MachineGames is a part of it.

However, the latest change to the LinkedIn profile of Teemu Kivikangas has given us a hint that an unnamed project is in the works.

The current profile of Teemu Kivikangas says, "Lead game designer on an unannounced project. A senior game designer on the upcoming Indiana Jones game."

It is not clear what the new game will be about, but it could be a Wolfenstein 3 as a few months ago, rumors were making rounds that MachineGames is working on a multiplayer AAA game, and fans quickly associated this project with the next episode of Wolfenstein, however, there are all the possibilities that this could be a new MachineGames IP.

It's possible that this game could be more than a first-person shooter and would possibly be different from Wolfenstein: Youngblood which received quite a few bad remarks. Whatever be the case, it would still be very interesting if it was MachineGames works on it correctly.

There is no information on when fans might get to see the new game from MachineGames, though Kivikangas has added it to his LinkedIn page, yet gamers should keep in mind that only an unannounced project has been mentioned, and no details about how long it has been in developed for, or when fans will get its preview has been revealed. 

However, if the developer team can learn from their mistakes with Youngblood, then whatever they make from the new game will definitely be worth looking forward to. Yet all fans can currently do is to wait for the official announcement from MachineGames to know more about this upcoming unannounced title.

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