Redfall weapons, menus, environment, more revealed via leaked screenshots

Xbox Redfall weapons, menus, environments, and more has been leaked early, thanks to a mysterious Imgur post. 

Redfall leaked screenshots
Redfall leaked images

Arkane Studios' Redfall was announced during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021. Redfall is an upcoming co-op shooter game from the studio behind games like Prey and Dishonored - Austin Arkane. 

When Redfall leaks initially started to come out, many compared the game with The Elder Scrolls 6, however, it turned out to be a completely different game. Moreover, during the E3 2021 event, BethesdaBethesda gave fans an announcement trailer that makes Redfall look like Left 4 Dead with vampires. 

However, now new Redfall screenshots have been leaked, which noticeably includes a significant number of the Redfall weapons, menus, and environments.

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Here is an early glance at what you can anticipate from Arkane's forthcoming Xbox exclusive - Redfall.

New Redfall leaked screenshots - Redfall Playtest 

New screenshots of Redfall, the upcoming Xbox and PC exclusive from Arkane Studios have been leaked via an unknown Imgur post. As per the Imgur post, the pictures are from a Redfall playtest, and the actual pictures conspicuously include a few of Redfall's weapons, surroundings, and menus. 

Furthermore, a few developers testing, debug devices, and regions can likewise be seen in the screenshots, and the leaked development images appear to suggest that Redfall will have loot shooter elements featuring a skill tree and different ranks of weaponry and an open-world map with missions or quests.

It likewise seems that the game will be playable in either first or third-person views and in view of the pictures, it seems as though Redfall will highlight various levels of weapons, abilities, and different various missions for players to finish (these elements line up with contributions from past Arkane Studios games). 

Additionally, it appears that to some extent Redfall will happen in both metropolitan and indigenous environments. 

Here is a small breakdown of what has been revealed in the leaked Redfall screenshots:

Redfall Gameplay

From the leaked screenshots, it seems like Redfall is Arkane's interpretation of the shooter kind, somewhat like Borderlands, yet the power seems to be inspired by Dishonored

As per the leaker, Redfall is an open-world Hero-based looter shooter with solo and co-op play, with different types of missions all throughout the planet along with safehouse and fast travel. Moreover, each Redfall hero will have interesting abilities which are somewhat similar to those found in games like Dishonored.

In the upcoming Redfall game, players will get to choose a Hero-type premade character from the list and will be able to level up their abilities by means of exp from missions and kills. 

Redfall Characters Abilities - 

The Redfall Characters' abilities seem to be divided into three categories, Z, X, and V (seen in the last screenshot). The "V" ability gives off an impression of ultimate power and it appears to be that these abilities must be unlocked in each turn. 

Redfall Layla's abilities are ability with a running symbol (V), her lift (X), and her parasol (Z).

Redfall Jacob's abilities are a potential dead-eye type ability (V), intangibility (X), and his raven (Z).  

Redfall Dev's abilities are ability with a windmill symbol (V), an ability with a disc symbol (X), and an ability with a crossbow symbol (Z).

Redfall Remi's abilities are ability with a flag symbol (V), an ability with a mechanical symbol (X), and Bribon (Z).

Redfall Character Gears - 

Redfall character gear incorporates medkits, guns, remnants, armor, and mementos (ring symbol). Characters can likewise have bandages, keys, wire cutters, and lockpicks and it seems like the Medkits are bound to Q. 

A Tactical Vest is likewise shown in the images which appear to come in levels. 

Redfall Weapons- 

These Redfall characters can carry up to three weapons all at once and these Redfall weapons come in levels. There are conceivably 5 levels, and higher-level weapons seem to accompany extra perks like higher damage or expanded precision

The Redfall weapons shown in the leaked images incorporate 

  • Heat Civilian M01 - assault rifle
  • Hammer - handgun
  • UV Beam - the light gun shown in the trailer
  • Stake Launcher - the stake gun seen in the trailer

Redfall NPCs -  

Two Redfall character NPCs can be found in one screen capture, proposing that the town is populated for certain agreeable NPCs. However, no vampires or other threatening characters NPCs are found in the screen capture.

Clearly, the screenshots are from an early alpha playtest of the game since the illustrations are unpolished and there aren't numerous special visualizations, so definitely the future game will look much better. 

The game is set to show up in Summer 2022 and will be accessible on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Windows PCs.

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