CoD Mobile will have World War 2 weapons as teased by developers

CoD Mobile will have World War 2 weaponry similar to CoD Vanguard, as proposed by the developers. 

CoD Mobile World War 2 weapon
CoD Mobile will have World War 2 weaponry

CoD Vanguard is set to take the players back to a World War 2 setting with its release on the 5th of November 2021. Currently, players have gotten access to the open beta and are getting the complete experience of the multiplayer frenzy. 

However, mobile players don't have to stress over passing up a major opportunity, as the devs have some exciting elements planned for them too. 

The main notion of Vanguard-themed content showing up on mobile devices is the Arthur Kingsley operator, and the devs have proposed that more increments are ready to go. 

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CoD Mobile will have World War 2 content 

Including the exhilarating Undead Siege event, indeed, CoD Mobile has gotten some intriguing updates this year. However, CoD Mobile Undead Siege will be missing from the game in the future, yet there are more fascinating elements to join the game soon. 

While CoD Warzone players will be getting a cut of Vanguard action with a new Pacific-themed map, CoD Mobile players will likewise get the opportunity to renew their loadouts with some exemplary weaponry. 

CoD Mobile fans were constantly asking the developers to give some info regarding the additions of Vanguard components and their future plans, and finally, after a short while the developers have teased the future developments, 

While reacting to fan calls for World War 2 themed content, the devs said, "There should be some good options in the future for WWII-related weapons to be added".

Any explicit weaponry hasn't been uncovered at this point, however, it is protected to expect that classics of Call of Duty like the MP40, STG-44, and Thompson are on the rundown to give players a brilliant experience in the game. 

The article will keep on getting updated with more info, so stay connected.

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