Ubisoft's Job Listing Suggests Next IP Could Be A New MMO

According to the latest Ubisoft job listings, the next Ubisoft IP can be a new MMO game.

Ubisoft Job Listing
Ubisoft's Job Listing hints at new MMO

The popular developer of Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and more, Ubisoft has been dealing with its next driven IP for a while now, and recently, Ubisoft has posted a new job listing advert for its upcoming unannounced MMO project.

This would not be the first time that Ubisoft is expanding its feet, yet the organization has not generally put out numerous MMOs. However, now it seems like, the organization is hoping to change this. 

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Ubisoft is hoping to fill a sum of 26 jobs for an "unannounced venture" and with these 26 jobs, there are three key regions that the organization is hoping to put resources into.

T latest job listing, demands the individuals to have “senior game designer with an emphasis on AI" and as indicated by one of these listings, Ubisoft is hoping to create a considerable game world with NPCs that can "act [differently] during different experiences." This apparently alludes to both hostile and friendly NPCs. 

Ubisoft was additionally looking for a senior technical artist, however, the listing for this role was soon removed, implying this position might have effectively been filled. Yet the position's liabilities were revealed by that time and the most fascinating part of this posting is the clear spotlight on experience with procedurally created content, conceivably showing Ubisoft's expectations with this new venture. 

Another Ubisoft job listings for "backend programmer" express that this new IP would have "bleeding edge online technology" and the main emphasis is on "cloud tech". Unfortunately, the rest of the expected set of listings remains genuinely ambiguous, making it hard to know the specific nature of the upcoming game. 

Be that as it may, with the amount of data introduced, there are some legitimate hypotheses to be made. Obviously, Ubisoft is dealing with something significant. The positions they are hoping to fill spin around making an enormous, exceptionally intuitive world. And an MMO game would bode well, yet that is just a hypothesis as of now. 

Moreover, nothing can be said for sure whether this is a completely new IP or just an extension of one of Ubisoft's present series, however, the prospect of an MMO grounded in an existing famous Ubisoft property is an interesting one, and the players will without a doubt be excited for the reveal for such a game.

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Fans will need to keep a watch out on the upcoming event as we probably can get some sneak look at Ubisoft's next IP during any upcoming event.

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