Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre Details

Rainbow Six Siege Operation High Calibre is the next Rainbow Six Year 6 Season 4 operation.

R6 Siege Thorn
Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre has been revealed officially

The new and last update in Rainbow Six Siege is set to present another operator, a small bunch of map rework, interesting gameplay, and much more. 

The leakers datamined the upcoming operation, uncovering the main insights regarding Rainbow Six Y6, supposedly named Operation High Caliber. 

However, soon the players will be done with Operation Crystal Guard and will have a new update to uncover. So let's get started with the details of this new update "Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre".

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UPDATE: 09/11/21

Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre

On November 9, Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre will be released on the TTS (test servers) and after the 3 weeks, it will be made available to everybody around the globe.

Today, Ubisoft officially released a complete and detailed, Thorn's gameplay and gadget trailer, revealing some major insights. A new Rainbow Six Siege: Year 6 Season 4 High Calibre Reveal video has likewise been dropped by the devs.

It has been revealed that Thorn’s loadout options will have a brand new UZK50GI, along with the M870 shotgun and Razorbloom shell is going to be her gadget. For the complete detail about R6 Thorn, visit here.

Moreover, as revealed earlier, The Rainbow Six Outback map is getting a full rework in Operation High Calibre. The Australian motel-based map has been worked on, and new external walls, along with a bit more destructibility will be seen on the map.

Affirming the past leaks, it has also been revealed that the defender cameras will now automatically get disabled when they will be thrown outside after a set period of time.


UPDATE: 08/11/21

R6 Operation High Calibre and Operator Thorn reveal

The complete R6 Thorn and Rainbow Six Siege High Calibre reveal will take place today, and fans can watch the complete reveal below:


UPDATE: 03/11/21

R6 Operation High Caliber Operator - Thorn revealed

Today, on the 3rd of November 2021, Ubisoft dropped a trailer for Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber operatorUbisoft finally confirmed that the Rainbow Six Siege operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Thorn, who will be a new Defender from Ireland.

The complete R6S4 High Caliber reveal will go live on Day 1 of the Rainbow Six November Major (Sweden), that is on November 8 on Rainbow6 Twitch Channel at:

  • 10AM PT
  • 1AM ET
  • 6PM GMT


UPDATE: 01/11/21

Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation High Caliber has been announced officially. Today, 1st of November 2021, Ubisoft dropped a teaser for the Y6S4 substance, teasing what players can anticipate from the new Rainbow Six Siege operation.

And as Y6S4 leaks suggested, the new Rainbow Six Siege operation will be High Caliber as confirmed by Ubisoft in the teaser.

The title High Caliber is highlighted in the teaser along with an individual holding the "SMG5 MK 2" having a ".50GI" ammo. In the official tweet, Ubisoft mentioned, "You'll need bigger rounds if you want to get the job done."


Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber - Y6S4 leaks

The next update in Rainbow Six is allegedly named Y6S4 Operation High Caliber, which is set to bring an improved and reworked Outback map, another defender, and some large components that were previously teased at the beginning of 2021. 

Operation High Caliber Operator - Rainbow Six Siege Thorn

The leakers have gradually been revealing insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y6S4 operator. The name of the last Siege Operator set to join Team Rainbow has been leaked, the operator will be known as Rainbow Six Siege Thorn. 

Leakers have uncovered that Rainbow Six Siege Thorn is a defender, uniting with the most recently released Osa operator. Back in May, Zer0Bytes revealed the name of the R6S4 operator, however, the explicit R6 Thorn's gadgets that they would use aren't yet clear. 

And on account of the Year 6 presentation held at the beginning of the year, we definitely knew that the Y6S4 operator will be from Ireland.

All things considered, there's a possibility that the Rainbow Six Siege Thorn operator will have a weapon like no other as the next Operation is called R6S4 High Caliber.

Rainbow Six Siege Thorn Gadget

Recently leakers have dropped a few insights regarding the Rainbow Six Thorn gadget, named the Razorbloom Shell. As per the leakers, it will adhere to a surface and will explode when opponents get in range.

@benjaminstrike said, "When an attacker triggers the sensor, the shell explodes into many high-velocity projectiles. Damage is based on distance from the blast radius." And there is a little deferral between the contraption setting off and its termination.

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Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber
Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber

Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber release date 

Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 High Caliber will hit live servers somewhere around December. 

Moreover, Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so there are chances that players will bet a significant look at R6 Operation High Caliber during that time. 

And there's one esports major remaining for November 2021, so players will probably get the details about R6 High Caliber when the final details for the November event are locked in. 

Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber - Outback map rework 

Ubisoft is getting back to their normal scheduled programming with one map rework in each new season as the last update, Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard has three min map reworks. So, this time around Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber will have Outback map rework. 

Players can hope that Ubisoft will probably fix a few things in the casual staple and make it a bit more powerful as the Australian Burnt Horizon map hasn't actually had a spot in the positioned map set. 

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Rainbow Six Operation High Caliber - Attacker repick testing 

While a large portion of the slick new elements such as droning after death has already been tested that were revealed at the Six Invitational, yet attacker repick is yet to have its experience on the test servers. 

However, it's not affirmed for R6 High Caliber, yet with this Season 4 being the last update for Year 6, Ubisoft may drop attacker repick onto the TTS for testing at least.

R6 Operation High Caliber - Balance Changes for Valkyrie, Maestro 

Ubisoft is planning to target the defender cameras in the R6S4 operation, and there are possibilities that Valkyrie runouts will not be as solid after Operation High Caliber.

It is being said that if a Rainbow Six defender runs out, then the cameras will lose signal, and will only get the signal back once they stroll back in the specified area. 

These changes will not affect the defenders who take Bulletproof Cameras like Maestro, however, for Valkyrie, this is a major nerf on maps like Consulate as runouts are normal there

Fans should wait for Ubisoft to make the official announcement soon so that y6s4 leaks can be proven right or wrong and fans get to know the confirmed news on Rainbow Six Siege High Caliber and the Y6S4 operator - Rainbow Six Siege Thorn.

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