Upcoming Halo Infinite vehicles have been leaked

Several Halo vehicles are making a return in Halo Infinite including the Scorpion, the Wraith, Chopper, and many more as per the recent leak.

Halo Infinite vehicles
Halo Infinite vehicle gameplay leaked

Perhaps the most expected game of 2021, Halo Infinite is having a lot of promotion around it and the leakers are digging hard to find some information about this upcoming title.

Several leaks have emerged in the past, revealing the download size, maps, and more, and now a new Halo Infinite leak has emerged revealing a bunch of upcoming Halo Infinite vehicles which will be taken from the past series.

@HaloNoticiasMX, a Spanish-language Twitter account has revealed new info about Halo Infinite. In his recent post, he has uploaded a series of short videos, and in each of these clips, players can see different gameplay footage of a vehicle that is probably part of Halo Infinite.

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The list of leaked Halo Infinite vehicles incorporates a few fan favorites, like:

  1. Halo Infinite Banshee (the ground-assault aircraft)
  2. Halo Infinite Chopper (the fan-favorite rapid assault vehicle)
  3. Halo Infinite Scorpion (the heavy battle tank)
  4. Halo Infinite Wasp (the one-man air support vehicle)
  5. Halo Infinite Wraith (the self-propelled artillery vehicle)

Every leaked video shows a player strolling around the vehicle, and before boarding on the vehicle, the player can be seen analyzing the model for each vehicle, before at long last boarding. 

Halo Infinite Banshee and Halo Infinite Chopper

Halo Infinite Scorpion

Halo Infinite Wasp and Halo Infinite Wraith

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Furthermore, the player drives the vehicle around for some time and then starts flaunting the new weapons and animations that it has to bring to the table. Other than the gaming player, no other players or vehicles can be spotted, so there are high chances that these are from the real Halo Infinite matches

If you look closely, you can find changes in the Scorpion design as it has been changed to the original one after it was changed in Halo 5. The Wraith has also been redesigned and now players can battle and behave as a mortar with this Wraith.

Currently, we only know about the 5 returning Halo Infinite vehicles, yet there are likewise chances that we will get some more returning vehicles in the upcoming Halo Infinite game.

However, it will be ideal to wait for any official announcement regarding the upcoming Halo Infinite vehicles to know whether this Halo Infinite leak is true or not.

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