League of Legends' new ADC and Support champions details revealed

League of Legends' new ADC and Support champions coming in mid-2022 have been revealed officially. 

LoL ADC champion and Support champion
Details about the upcoming LoL ADC champion and Support champion revealed

While players are waiting for LoL patch 11.20, Riot Games has officially affirmed their upcoming plans about the ADC champion and the support champion coming in the near future. 

It may feel like the previous year has passed by rapidly, yet Riot Games is moving considerably speedier. Today, Champion Roadmap was dropped by the developers which revealed some interesting insights about the upcoming League of Legends' bottom lane marksman champion, next support champion, and Void-based jungler.

As both ADC and Support roles are currently abandoned in 2021, Riot Games has now affirmed that they will be releasing ADC right on time, i.e. one year from now and the support champion a couple of patches after. 

League of Legends' new ADC - Ride The Lightning

Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the Lead champion producer discussed the upcoming AD carry "who has been charging up and is rearing to finally get on the Rift." In the Champion Roadmap blog, it has been revealed that the team needed to make a unique and kinetic marksman "who’s always on the move", and plays at a "machine-gun pace".

One of the major facts that were mentioned in the post about the new ADC is that the developers are re-exploring the role of the basic attack in the marksman champion’s kit, which will be quite similar to Xayah, Graves, and Jhin.

The developer wrote, "For this new champ, we wanted to re-explore the role of the basic attack in a marksman champion’s kit and see if we could completely turn its purpose around. I'm getting amped just thinking about it, and if you are as well, get ready for a hyper-new champion very early next year."

League of Legends' new Support champion - Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Moreover, the blog post further dropped a teaser for one more champion that has been referred to as "villainous support". The post has likewise discussed cash running everything, regardless of who you need to dominate. 

The part taking about the new support champion has been quoted very interestingly, with the end line stating, "In the end they will know your name, the one that truly ran this game, the one calling the shots… the 'support.'" 

Reav3 has defined the upcoming Support champion’s in quite an innovative manner, and the descriptions of the new support champion say, "Money runs this city. Technology, power, people. All can be bought when you have enough cash. Technology to reach out and take what you want, discarding it like trash when you’re done."

Ryan further added, "Power to turn your enemies against each other, watching them kill the very ones they swore to protect. And people to manipulate with your terrifying charisma, sending them to almost certain death, only being saved if they fulfill your wishes."

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League of Legends' upcoming jungler

And lastly, the post also made a reference to the next jungler coming to Summoner's Rift, saying, "That's all we’ve got for today. Our next update will be at the start of next year where we’ll have a lot to share, including more details on the new villainous support, the next VGU planned after Udyr, as well as an overwhelming new jungler that should fill a void in all your hearts." 

If this League of Legends's jungler is going to come from the Void, then it will be the first champion from the Void to get a release since Kai'Sa.

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