World War Z Nintendo Switch - release date, features, trailer, pre-order, more

World War Z has finally been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo Switch and will be released soon.

World War Z game
World War Z

World War Z became a huge topic of discussion among the gaming community when an eShop listing for the game for Nintendo Switch was spotted by the fans and soon Focus Entertainment confirmed the arrival of the game.

Obviously, the game is inspired and based on the World War Z movie, the Paramount Pictures' film which was released back in 2013 featuring Brad Pitt in the main role and the film was based on the 2006 book, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks. 

Moreover, the mentioned book was likewise a follow-up to The Zombie Survival Guide novel by Max Brooks only. 

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Several pieces of information have been revealed about this upcoming World War Z game. So, let's get to know the details about the World War Z release date, World War Z trailer, World War Z game features, and much more.

World War Z Overview

World War Z, the heart-beating zombie shooter currently has more than 15 million players that show up on Nintendo Switch. World War Z gameplay centers around high-speed third-person shooter highlighting swarms of many zombies. 

World War Z nintendo switch
World War Z coming on Nintendo Switch soon

World War Z will see mankind near the brink of extinction where the undead apocalypse keeps on spreading, From New York to Moscow, Jerusalem, and more, no city has been speared. As the end lingers, a group of strong people unifies to overcome the swarm and outlast the dead.

Players will get to see four locations from the base game and their episodes: New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, and Tokyo, along with all the characters.

World War Z Release Date 

The 2nd of November 2021 has been decided as the official World War Z release date, implying players who are searching for some portable third-person zombie-killing don't have to wait for long.

World War Z Trailer 

World War Z has a sizeable player base, almost 15 dynamic users currently, so indeed the World War Z game coming to the Nintendo Switch is a savvy move by the devs. The World War Z game packages a single-player campaign alongside a multiplayer that includes a few distinctive game modes. 

World War Z pre-order - Nintendo Switch 

Nintendo Switch World War Z pre-order (digital) is currently live, yet the game will likewise get an actual physical release soon. 

The players will be able to get their hands on a World War Z Deluxe Edition soon, and the ones who pre-order the World War Z Deluxe Edition will get a choice of 28 unique bonus items including special character outfits, bonus skins, and weapons.

Pre-Order Now - World War Z

However, the new content such as a new Horde Mode difficulty, extra characters, a first-person camera, and two new locations, available in World War Z: Aftermath, including won’t be included in the World War Z Nintendo Switch.

World War Z Platforms 

World War Z Aftermath, the updated form of the primary game including all extra substances will be released on Xbox One, PC, PS4 on the 21st of September 2021. The first game was also released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, back in 2019. 

However, Saber Interactive and Focus Entertainment have not made any announcement regarding the World War Z release on PS5 or Xbox Series X|S at this point. 

These were the complete details about World War Z that have been revealed so far. Keep visiting for more updates. You can visit our youtube channel for more latest gaming newsGameort

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