Men in Black game rumored to be leaked online

Men in Black Game, a PS5 exclusive is possibly under work as per the recent ongoing rumors.

Men in Black game
Men in Black game

Gaming leaks are the same old thing to the business and indeed, it has turned into a much greater arrangement since games have gone on the web. Dataminers can scour databases and game files prior to the official announcements to reveal the details that are kept hidden from the public.

This time a new leak has revealed data about a possible Men in Black video game, probably a PS5 exclusive.

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Recently, Okami Games, a Twitter account that reveals reliable gaming news and rumors, tweeted a screen capture of a gaming listing, found on the EB Games site. In the leaked concept image, players can spot a Men in Black PS5 game.

The base left corner of the Men In Black game cover image additionally shows the logo for Bend Studio. The mentioned Bend Studio is the developer of action-adventure Days Gone and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. 

Presently, Bend Studio has not made any announcement concerning whether this leak regarding the Men in Black game is valid or not. Moreover, even the leaked Men in Black listing has been taken down from the EB Games site. 

Men in Black Game

However, if the leak turns out to be true, this could bring incredible things for the Men in Black series as it definitely needs a revival, and a new Men in Black game could be a decent beginning to some new things. 

Even Sony's studio manager Tom Rothman expressed that he accepts that the last endeavor to restore the series popularity, Men in Black: International was a flop and did not receive good remarks as the film wasn't strong enough. 

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Furthermore, there will not be a past title to compare the Men in Black game with since the last game was released right back in 2012. In any case, it will be interesting to see whether the storyline of the Men in Black game will be based on the first trilogy, the Men in Black: International film, or will it have a totally new setting. 

However, fans should think about it while taking other factors into consideration as these are merely leaks and only Bend Studio can clarify whether these rumors and leaks are true or not. 

And if the leaks turn out to be true, then the players except the studio to add Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones' characters in some way or another into the Men in Black game.

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