Elden Ring - Character, location, gameplay, release date

Elden Ring screenshots have been revealed, giving an insight into what the upcoming title has to offer to the players.

Elden Ring release date
Elden Ring screenshots revealed, along with gameplay leaks

It was revealed recently that Elden Ring would not be releasing on its pre-decided schedule time, January 2022, and now it would be releasing towards the end of February 2022, which is about one month after later. This news came as a shock for various fans and hence to compensate for the delay, FromSoftware has been releasing new Elden Ring screenshots. 

Elden Ring Character Screenshot

The official Twitter account of Elden Ring has been releasing a couple of new looks at the game as some new screenshots. These new screenshots give brief insights about the game, with the first one showing various characters taking on an ax-wielding giant of some sort. 

Players can likewise register for Elden Ring Closed Network test on November 1 which is basically, a planned beta that will permit FromSoftware to test specific parts of the title before the release of the game. 

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Elden Ring Scene Screenshot

The second screenshot revealed a more peaceful scene that will be part of the game. Players, in particular, can spot a glowing object and the player character assembled around it. Close to the player sits the Melina which will apparently play a significant part in Elden Ring. 

As per the details revealed so far via leaks and trailers, Melina will help the player in some ways and will be a type of guide inside Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Gameplay leak

A 27-second long Elden Ring gameplay was leaked on the web. The leaked gameplay footage was made available on Twitter or the Elden Ring subreddit. The leaked footage simply showcased an armored character on a cliffside checking out a gleaming tree, scaring a couple of eagles, and jumping over some rocks. Moreover, these birds leave feathers behind when they fly off.

The most prominent thing regarding what's shown is that the player-character can pull off a standing jump, rather than needing to do a run-up as in the Dark Souls games. While it doesn't suggest all-out Sekiro wall hopping dexterity, it's at least something other than what's expected.

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Elden Ring Location leak

Fans were able to spot the location from the trailer and players were able to decode where the leaked footage takes place. The devs only revealed a small snippet of landscape in the official gameplay reveal. However, as always the eagle-eyed fans did find new info from that. 

Elden Ring Release Date

It was announced on Oct 18 that February 25, 2022, has been decided as the official Elden Ring release date, which was originally expected in January. In the official post, the devs said, "Thank you for your trust & patience. We look forward to seeing you experience the game in the Closed Network Test in Nov."

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There were the complete details about Elden Ring that have been leaked and revealed recently and with all these details, it seems the devs are giving their all to create an impactful game, having extraordinary and unique gameplay mechanics. 

However, to be sure of anything fans should wait for the official Elden Ring release date.

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