Payday 3 - characters, locations, and details revealed

Payday 3, the upcoming game by Starbreeze will have a new storyline and the same characters as revealed during the livestream. 

Payday 3
Payday 3 is set in New York City, revealed during the 10th-anniversary livestream

Payday was released almost a decade ago and it left its imprint among the players, giving a community experience that was quite from different shooters. Bank heists have been the primary loop of the game, and it offered an assortment and replayability with various playthroughs on maps that had several changes in the design. 

After the success of the primary Payday game, developers released a sequel along with a DLC, and after that in 2016, Starbreeze introduced Payday 3 to the fans. However, soon it got major mishaps, and Payday 3's development was stopped for a brief timeframe as Starbreeze Studios was questioned and raided for insider trading. 

But to fans' joy, in 2020 the announcement was made regarding the creation of Payday 3 and it was later revealed that it had collaborated with the Embracer Group to distribute the game under Koch Media's new name, Prime Matter. 

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As mentioned it's the 10th anniversary of the Payday game, and to celebrate the success of the game, a livestream was held, where the chief Erik Wonnevi affirmed new details on the Payday 3 game.

Payday 3 Location and Details

During the Payday 3 anniversary livestream it was revealed that the sequel of Payday 2 is set in New York City, and this virtual world was described as a "living, enormous representation of the city" by Starbreeze. The developers further revealed, "One game-changer: the media is now covering the gang, their exploits... and who knows what might come from that..."

Payday 3 location
Payday 3 location and area

The scenario in Payday 3 is quite different from Payday 2, and the events are set after a long time, where the gang that had the prime attention in the prequel, but now has retired from their life of crime.

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Starbreeze said, "the world of Payday has transitioned into the digital age, with software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance, and the Dark Web all playing a role in the gang's new gadgets, challenges, and opportunities."

Payday 3 Characters

Players will also get to see the previous Payday's four characters - 

  • Dallas
  • Hoxton
  • Chains
  • Wolf 

All these characters will be returning to the existence of crime for Payday 3, with the gang being forced to use new-age techniques to bring their tasks into action. The Overkill Software did reveal a few details, however, no Payday gameplay was shared during the live stream. Yet new character models, along with the game's environment are shared by the devs. 

Payday 3 characters
Payday 3 characters

Payday 3 Release Date and Platforms

Starbreeze is the owner of Payday 3 IP, and the organization signed a €50m publishing deal with Koch Media in March as per the details shared so far, Payday 3 will come out on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation sooner or later in 2023.

Presently, Starbreeze is gearing up in the realm of Payday with working on Payday 3, while updating Payday 2, which stays one of the top games on Steam. 

Payday: Crime War mobile game

Moreover, a new docuseries has also been revealed by the devs during the Payday 10th-anniversary livestream. 

It was announced that the forthcoming Payday: Crime War mobile game will get a close beta in the month of December on Android gadgets.

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