A new Xbox exclusive game is reportedly being developed by Dead by Daylight devs

A new Xbox Exclusive project is rumored to be under development by Behavior Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight.

Behavior Interactive xbox exclusive game
Behavior Interactive's Xbox Exclusive game is rumored to be in development

Without a doubt, Dead by Daylight is one of the greatest horror games that was released five years ago, i.e., 2016. The multiplayer title has been one of the best choices among the players of asymmetric horror games.

The developers of Dead by Daylight have experimented a lot with the game, and have collaborated with different other organizations including Saw, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Hellraiser

Now after the huge success of Dead by Daylight, fans have started anticipating Behavior Interactive's next huge project. And as per the recent rumors, BE's next project is conceivably an Xbox console exclusive game. 

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Eagle eye fans always keep their search on, and one such inquisitive gamer has found postings of Behavior Interactive's employee on the LinkedIn profile that hints at what the studio's next project could be. 

The Twitter user, Faizan Shaikh found a posting for a level designer who has worked for Behavior for five years at this point, Jérôme Cyr. Moreover, from Cyr's profile, it is quite clear that he has never worked on Dead by Daylight, however, it has been mentioned that he is working with Behavior for the past 5 years on an "Unannounced AAA Project".

Additionally, from his posting, it has been revealed that the unannounced AAA project from Behavior Interactive experience is clearly being made for both PC and Xbox One.

In Cyr's experience column, it has been mentioned that he has contributed to Level Layout Level Scripting, Combat Encounters and has been working closely with Level Artists in Debugging / Polish while using Unreal Engine 4 for the upcoming "Unannounced AAA Project" from BE.

Other platforms like Nintendo, PlayStation, or mobile gadgets have not been mentioned in his posting, which implies that one of Behavior's forthcoming projects could be made in association with Xbox. 

The possibility of an Xbox-exclusive game from Behavior Interactive isn't absurd as Dead by Daylight has received a huge success and it would be quite reasonable for Xbox to get their next project as an exclusive from the experts of multiplayer. 

However, Behaviour Interactive has not made any announcement regarding this "Unannounced AAA Project", so it would be ideal for fans to wait and watch out whether Behavior's next IP is an Xbox exclusive or something entirely different.

Other than that, there are additional rumors that the next Xbox exclusive game will be developed by a different group of developers at Behavior as Dead by Daylight's improvement is as yet proceeding, and their developers are busy with it. 

However, presently there's no chance of knowing whether this Xbox exclusive project is something that other developers at Behavior is actually working on, or if Dead by Daylight's devs will move their attention away from Dead by Daylight to help this new game. 

Whatever be the case, if the new title is going to be a AAA Xbox exclusive game, then it would be a great step to include a captivating franchise inside the genres offered by Xbox Studios.

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