Sly Cooper is returning as per known leakers

The return of the popular Sly Cooper game is possibly happening soon as per the recent reports and fans are more than excited.

Sly Cooper game
Sly Cooper is coming back, claims a new leak

Sly Cooper will probably be making his long anticipating return as indicated by a new leak and this leak has additionally been confirmed by another prominent leaker. 

Yesterday, i.e. the 4th of October, Nick Baker or @Spheshal_Nick, took to Twitter and shared that he has heard from his source that Sly Cooper could make a return in the coming days. 

Nick, the co-founder of XboxEra and a leaker with a solid track record in the field of gaming is pretty reliable as he has effectively given info about Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut, before its official declaration recently. And interestingly, his recent leak is also about a game that was developed by the same studio as the first three Sly Cooper games, Sucker Punch Studios. 

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However, Nick didn't offer any additional data, yet he did react to certain inquiries from the fans, one of which asked which developer would make the next Sly Cooper game and he replied, "Not sure yet. Attempting to find out." 

Now after @Spheshal_Nick, another prominent dataminer, Jeff Grubb has commented about the return of Sly Cooper, claiming that the Sly Cooper game does exist, however, he too did not reveal much info about it.

The rumors have been flowing in for while now, and Sucker Punch is actually busy with the success of Ghost of Tsushima. Yet, many fans have speculated that one of Sony's latest studio acquisitions, Bluepoint Games, could probably be the developer behind the much-awaited Sly Cooper game.

These are not normal guesses, but logical ones with proper reasoning. Bluepoint Games have a great track record of revamping exemplary games like Demon's Souls and Shadow of The Colossus, and with Sony acquiring the studio, it would be ideal that they choose Bluepoint to remaster PlayStation's most popular raccoon. 

However, Sly Cooper hasn't had its own game since the fourth edition in the series, yet a few fans wish to see a sequel to the original series, so players can likewise a brand new game.

Fans however need to wait for Sony to give out news for the next Sly Cooper game, to be certain about any of these reports as all of the recent ongoing information are leaks and hypotheses.

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