Honkai Star Rail - release date, close beta, trailer, characters, more

Honkai Star Rail has been revealed officially, and the devs have announced its close beta date as well.

Honkai Star Rail
Honkai Star Rail game

Honkai Star Rail is the supposed sequel of Honkai Impact 3 is going to be a new open-world, JRPG game, and miHoYo has finally made the official announcement regarding this new Honkai Impact title.

However, in the past leakers have revealed several data about this upcoming Honkai Star Rail including its characters, story, and much more. And the official announcement has revealed the Honkai Star Rail close beta date, along with other details.

During the Starfire Sonorant concert held for the celebration of the 5th Honkai Impact 3rd anniversary, miHoYo formally revealed the new JRPG title - Honkai Star Rail. 

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So, let's get into the details and know everything that has been revealed so far about the Honkai Star Rail game.


UPDATE: 27/10/21

Honkai Star Rail beta Gameplay

Honkai Star Rail beta gameplay of at least 4 hours has been shared, including the game's initial battle and tutorials. 

Players can spot enemy symbols on the Honkai map, and when a player hits them, they will be able to change to battle mode as Honkai Star Rail is an encounter and turn-based system, meaning more strategical than Genshin Impact. 

Currently, the Honkai Start Rail beta is just accessible on PC and iOS and content creators are sharing the gameplay from these platforms only. 

Honkai Star Rail Characters - waifus and husbandos

miHoYo has revealed each of the fundamental characters showing up in the Honkai Star Rail CBT 1. Below is the list of Honkai Star Rail characters along with their voice actors.:

  1. Himeko voiced by Cia Court, Rie Tanaka.
  2. Welt voiced by Corey Landis, Hosoya Yoshimasa.
  3. Danheng, voiced by Nicolas Leung, Ito Kent.
  4. March 7th voiced by Andi Gibson, Yui Ogura.
  5. Gepard, voiced by Bryson Baugus, Makoto Furukawa.
  6. Seele, voiced by Molly Zhang, Mai Nakahara.
  7. Clara and her robot Svarog, voiced by Emily Sun & D.C. Douglas / Rina Hidaka & Hiroki Yasumoto.
  8. Asta, voiced by Felecia Angelle, Chinatsu Akasaki

Honkai Star Rail Gameplay closed beta 1


Honkai Star Rail 

From the very first look, players can see that Honkai Star Rail is directly inspired by Galaxy Express 999, the works of Matsumoto Leiji, and will feature a space train. There are high chances that this upcoming JRPG will re-utilizing characters from the science fiction mangaka while somewhat tweaking their origin stories as miHoYo usually does that, and there are leaks in the past suggesting the same.

It is likewise possible that Honkai Star Rail is a parallel universe to the one in Honkai Impact 3rd, and it seems like everything is complicatedly connected together in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Closed Beta

On October 5, miHoYo announced that Honkai Star Rail closed beta sign-up event will begin on October 8th, and players will get to explore the world of Starward.

Moreover, there are high chances that players will get to openly share their content and impressions as miHoYo has followed the same pattern with each pre-release Beta Test for Genshin Impact.

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Honkai Star Rail Characters

Even though miHoYo did not reveal much info about the upcoming Honkai Star Rail game, yet the past Honkai leaks have revealed a supposed list of characters coming with the game.

As per the leaked data, players will get to see the following Honkai Star Rail characters:

  • Hook
  • Seele
  • Welt
  • Clara
  • Asta
  • Himeko 
  • Serval 
  • Bronya 
  • DanHeng 
  • March 7th
  • Gepard
  • Shambo
  • Pela
  • Cocolia
  • Natasha 
  • Erene (can also be the model for March 7th)
  • Arlan

Honkai Star Rail Release Date

No information regarding the Honkai Star Rail release date has been shared up until now, however, there are all the possibilities that it will be revealed soon as beta sign-up is set to take place on Oct 8.

Moreover, a new trademark for Honkai Star Rail by miHoYo was first founded on 21 September and it was revealed that miHoYo filed the trademark for Honkai: Star Rail in Japan back on 23 August, however, it was made public on September 21.

Other than these, miHoYo also opened a new Honkai Star Rail YouTube page along with another Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and a Discord account. 

Honkai Star Rail Trailer

miHoYo did not drop any official Honkai Star Rail announcement trailer for now, but with open beta sign-up begging soon, players can hope to get a new Honkai Star Rail trailer soon. 

Till then players can look at the Honkai Star Rail teaser video which has been taken from the Anniversary concert.

However, miHoYo did drop the A Post Honkai Odyssey chapter 2 trailer which was announced to be released before the finish of 2021 during Honkai's 5th-anniversary Chinese stream.

We will update the article with new data whenever miHoYo decides to release more info about the game, including the Honkai Star Rail trailer, Honkai Star Rail release date, and more.

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