Twisted Metal Revival is reportedly being developed by Lucid Games

PlayStation's upcoming Twisted Metal Revival project is now being developed by Lucid Games, the developer behind Destruction All-Stars.

Twisted Metal Revival
Twisted Metal Revival

The Twisted Metal Revival was rumored to be in development for quite a while now, and now the recent reports suggest that the upcoming title is being developed by Lucid Games.

The last title developed by Lucid Games was Destruction All-Stars, arena-based vehicular combat that shares a ton of similarities with Twisted Metal. In Destruction All-Stars, players play the job of champion drivers contending in an arena utilizing intensely equipped vehicles while having super abilities. 

Currently, Sony has not made any official declaration about the upcoming title, however, numerous sources have affirmed that another Twisted Metal game is being developed, which will release along with the reported Twisted Metal TV series. 

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As per the latest VGC report, "PlayStation has handed its Twisted Metal series revival to Destruction All-Stars developer Lucid games."

It has been revealed that the tie-in to the new TV series for Twisted metal revival "would be built around a free-to-play model, partly in response to Destruction All-Stars’ last-minute transition from a premium game to a PlayStation Plus title." 

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Destruction All-Stars, Lucid's last title met with a few deferrals and ultimately was released on PlayStation Plus, which then received a mixed review, with a certain amount of backlashes. However, as per the report, Sony believes that "despite the poor reception to All-Stars, Lucid has a long pedigree in the racing genre and is trusted to do a good job with Twisted Metal Revival."

VGC's source additionally claims that the release of the upcoming Twisted Metal Revival project will coincide with an upcoming TV series in 2023 and the source said, "the new car combat installment – which by release, will be the series’ first in over a decade – has started early development at the Liverpool, UK-based studio."

Earlier, a Variety report revealed that the upcoming Twisted Metal Revival project will be a "live-action series vehicular combat adaptation of the “Twisted Metal” PlayStation game".

The TV project for Twisted Metal was announced back in 2019 and is currently under development by PlayStation Studios, so it will be interesting to see what the upcoming Twisted Metal Revival game has to offer to its players.

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