Rekkles and Bjergsen can be seen at TSM - Midbeast

Midbeast, the famous streamer from team Liquid talks about seeing both Rekkles and Bjergsen at TSM.

LoL Rekkles
Midbeast talks about Rekkles and Bjergsen

Recently, the report of Rekkles leaving G2 Esports created a huge commotion in the LoL community, however, soon after the rumors started to make rounds, G2 Esports' CEO, CarlosR ocelote tweeted back clarifying that the transfer window has not started yet and fans should not believe any rumors.

Other than Rekkles, Wunder was also not spared from this scenario and it was rumored that G2 Esports will remove Wunder from the team. The same was the case with Mikyx.

Moreover, for the very 1st time in history, the team is not participating in the Worlds and it was expected that changes will be made in the G2 Esports team and another team that will miss the appointment in Reykjavik will be TSM. 

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TSM, the North American team made a significant outlay for players however, they fell far short of getting the pass, and hence there were rumors that TSM is a possible purchaser of Rekkles

While talking about these exchange markets, team Liquid's streamer, Midbeast said, "Bjergsen and Rekkles would keep North America's current viewers alone."

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Many celebrities associated with the competitive League of Legends have started talking about the subject of the exchange market and Rekkles' departure from G2, and the possible return of Bjergsen to the competition. 

Team Liquid streamer Midbeast said, "It probably wouldn't matter if that TSM came out last, it would still be a decent financial move to sign Rekkles." and he further adds, the team would have many visits both for Rekkles and for the return of one of the best players, Bjergsen. 

Indeed, if it is true that Bjergsen returns to TSM, the organization would have as much money as it would have space for a new foreigner in its ranks. So it will be interesting to see who all are going to be a part of the G2 Esports team and who are joining TSM with the next exchange market.

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