Bjergsen and Hans Sama are joining Team Liquid - Rumors

In League of Legends' LCS Season 12, Hans Sama and Bjergsen will play for Team Liquid as per the latest rumors. 

Hans Sama and Bjergsen Team Liquid

League of Legends' LCS Season 12 is currently one of the most trending topics among the fans, as many teams have been trading and exchanging players to build one of the strongest teams for themselves.

And one of these teams is Team Liquid (the North American team) which is building a star-studded roster of LoL players, as the rumors suggest that Team Liquid will replace Tactical and Jensen with Hans Sama and Bjergsen and sign them for the upcoming event. 

If this rumor is true then it is going to be an enormous change for the North American team as the team indeed seems a strong one along with Vitality in Europe. This information has come as exciting news for the North American fans, however, it is a little disappointing for the European fans, as North America will grab away perhaps their best players. 

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European fans were hopeful for the upcoming season of LCS as there were rumors about the arrival of Perkz and Alphari to the LEC, however, these new rumors have started commotion in the community. 

Bjergsen, during his eight long years with TSM, has consistently been essential for the North American team, and Hans Sama has played a critical part in Europe's global significance, and now the North American team is set to sign perhaps the best player that Europe brings to the table. 

Moreover, Bwipo is also going to join Team Liquid subsequent to spending four long years with Fnatic, making Europe significantly more vulnerable.

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All three of the players, Bjergsen, Bwipo, and Hans Sama will make Team Liquid a genuinely strong competitor for the League of Legends Worlds 2022. TL had a significant solid group for 2021 also, yet they missed the mark in Team D of the World Championships. 

So it will be interesting to see who all are going to be a part of the Liquid team and who are joining the other teams with the next exchange market.

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