LoL player Wunder should remain in the LEC says Caedrel

Caedrel, the streamer and commentator says that he wants LoL player - Wunder to stay in the LEC.

LoL Wunder
League of Legends' Wunder

G2 Esports is probably going to have a serious time with the next major exchange market. Carlos Rodríguez 'Ocelote' has reported a future rebuilding of the teams subsequent to ranking down to Fnatic at the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) playoffs.

Moreover, the team even is not participating in the Worlds for the very 1st time in history. 

Quite possibly the most talked-about departure is of an LoL player who recently received criticism for his actions and is at present ironizing about his situation. The mentioned LoL player is none other than Martin Hansen "Wunder".

After the ongoing rumors, finally, Marc Lamont "Caedrel", LEC streamer and commentator talked about Martin Hansen "Wunder" live and has defended the player by giving reasons as to why it is important that Wunder stays in Europe.

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The importance of Wunder in the sports

While talking about Wunder, Caedrel replied to Wunder's fans, "I hope he stays in the LEC, he has a great personality and I think he's still a good player," 

Additionally, the commentator, Caedrel highlighted that Wunder is peak level experienced in the ninth season when G2 Esports was about to get the Grand Slam.

Caedrel gave an argument for Wunder's individual quality as a player, saying - "He may have had a bad year, but I remember reading comments on Reddit in 2019 that said he was one of the best tops in the world and people debated if he was the best in the world."

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He further added, "He's had a shitty year, it's true, but that doesn't mean it's rubbish all at once. I think he can come back if he wants".

However, Caedrel not only highlighted Wunder's sporty aspect but also mentioned all the interactions that the recent controversy can generate. While interacting with the fans, Caedrel said, "Also, their memes are too good to be true. He is probably the best memes of all the Players of the LEC that have been developed." 

Despite the fact that Wunder's attitude has raised criticism among the fans and followers of the LEC (European League of Legends), yet with the help of his jokes, the team was always able to generate interest in the face of his matches, which has resulted in him being the center of the attention all the time.

Whatever be the scenario, Martin Hansen Wunder's contract is going to end at the completion of 2022, and currently, only Rasmus Winther "Caps", the known LoL player has been guaranteed his continuity in G2 Esports.

So it will be interesting to see who all are going to be a part of the G2 Esports team with the next exchange market and will remain in the LEC.

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