CoD Vanguard Season 1 operators and weapons leaked

CoD Vanguard Warzone Pacific Season 1 operators and weapons have apparently been leaked via a key art. 

CoD Vanguard Season 1 operators and weapons
CoD Vanguard Season 1 operators and weapons have been leaked

Fans were eagerly waiting for CoD Vanguard's release, and on November 6 the game has been made available to the fans, giving them the opportunity to explore all the different aspects of the game.

And even though the game has recently been released, new rumors have started making rounds about the upcoming elements that fans will get to see in CoD Vanguard Season 1. 

At the point when Call of Duty Vanguard was first uncovered, numerous players immediately questioned what the re-visitation of a World War 2 setting would mean for Warzone. Black Ops Cold War added Verdansk 84 as battle royale’s main map, Verdansk came as a part of Modern Warfare, however, immediately new rumors about another Vanguard map started to make rounds. 

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But thanks to leakers, it was revealed that the new Vanguard map will be termed as Caldera and will be released during the first update of Warzone Pacifics on December 8. Now adding to this past leak, new CoD Vanguard leaks hint at the arrival of new operators and weapons.

CoD Vanguard Season 1 Operators

Today, on Nov 21, @SizePlaystation shared a new picture on their Twitter account, which seems like a key art for CoD Vanguard Season 1. Fans can spot three characters on this Vanguard Season 1 key art, having two males and one female searching for a battle as they stroll across the beach. 

As per a prominent CoD leaker, @ZestyCODLeaks, Vanguard Season 1 has been added to the Playstation Database, and the leaked image probably has characters "Anna", "Lewis", and a third character - Francis.

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CoD Vanguard Season 1 Weapons

What is to be noticed here is that Anna, the female character is apparently holding a British Welgun SMG, whereas the male character in the back seems to hold an M1944 Hyde Carbine, which would be another SMG. Moreover, the character on the right is probably having a PTRS sniper. 

However, a few players accept that the M1944 Hyde Carbine is one more variation of the M1 Thompson that is currently available in the game. Adding to this, the tropical theming of the photograph seems to coordinate with what we've seen as of now from Caldera, and players have started making guesses about the bunch of new weapons. 

In addition, leaker GhostOfHope also made a post on Twitter and noted that the person on the right of the picture seemingly has Nunchuks on his back, hinting at another melee weapon to rival the Kali Sticks. As per the leaker, players will get Welgun and M1944 Hyde Carbine as Vanguard Season 1 guns.

Whatever be the case, leakers are constantly dropping new info about the upcoming content for CoD Vanguard Season 1, including its maps, weapons, and more. However, fans should keep in mind that these details are not official, so they should take this information with a grain of salt.

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