WB Games Montreal is working on an unannounced project

WB Games Montreal is possibly working on a new project other than Gotham Knights, as a LinkedIn profile of a worker.

new WB Games Montreal game
Unannounced project from WB Games Montreal

A subsidiary of Warner Bros. Inc, WB Games Montreal is a Canadian studio that is based in Montreal, Quebec. Earlier, WB Games Montreal released Batman: Arkham Origins, and now it is prepared to launch its next game, Gotham Knights.

However, in the course of recent years, several leaks have indicated that WB Game Montreal has been working on different projects that have been dropped, and now it seems like the leaks are never-ending, and new data keeps on being spread.

It appears as though the organization is working on another project along with Gotham Knights. The most recent data has come from an employee that is currently working for WB Games Montreal, who has listed a new project being in development other than Gotham Knights. 

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A new WB Games Montreal game in development

The employee mentioned here is Megan Berry, one of the studio's senior artists who have listed an unknown mysterious project along with Gotham Knights on the experience column at LinkedIn.

In Megan's experience column, it has been mentioned that she has contributed to the game's visual support for design: storyboards, concept, mockups/visualizations, and realization feedback to communicate gameplay concepts by being a Senior Artists and gave the concise direction while supporting art direction for Gotham Knights.

She also worked as a co-founder/ art director for an unannounced project, where she co-designed features, core gameplay pillars and co-founded the project with the Creative director. Adding to this, she mentioned that she has built the infrastructure for this "unannounced project from WB Games Montreal" and collaborated with remote teams on a demo. 

unannounced project from WB Games Montreal

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The fact that the project was pushed ahead to get a demo, clearly signifies it could almost be pitched as something bigger. However, Berry did not reveal any info in regards to what sort of game it is or if this unannounced project is related to WB Games Montreal's DC Comics projects.

Additionally, something to be noticed here is that Berry's posting has an end date as her time with the new project has been listed between September 2019 and June 2021. This could mean different things like the project was dropped, or Berry got away from the title, or it could imply that it's in an in-between state while WB Games Montreal completes its work on Gotham Knights. 

However, prior to jumping to any conclusion, fans should keep in mind that there's no sign that WB Games Montreal has moved ahead from the Gotham Knights development and is working on a new unannounced project as it's everyday practice for game developers to begin dealing with pre-production for potential new projects.

In any case, fans can look forward to WB Games Montreal's next game, Gotham Knights that is set to be released in 2022.

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