Bully 2 or The Definitive Edition is probably back in development

Bully 2, the alleged sequel to Bully has fans raving with excitement.

Bully 2 release date
Bully 2 is reportedly back in development

It’s been more than 15 years since Bully, the action-adventure title published by Rockstar Games, was launched. And this game had an enormous fan base raving for the second part of Bully. But their hopes were dashed as Rockstar Games started the development of the sequel to Bully somewhere in 2010, only to give it up in 2013.

In fact, Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser and a couple of employees wrote a script for Bully 2 as early as 2008. Apparently, the story returned with Jimmy, the protagonist of Bully, and had many returning characters from the same game. The plot started at Jimmy’s stepdad’s house at the end of a school year.

But now, rumors are resurfacing regarding the release of the sequel of Bully, which has got a lot of response from gamers around the world. Some sources say the next part of Bully will be The Definitive Edition. Some say that it will be Bully 2.

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Read on to find out all there is to know about the sequel to Bully and its release.

Bully 2 or The Definitive Edition: What the Leaks and Rumors Say

According to the well-known industry insider Tom Henderson, who is the Senior Associate Editor at Game Informer, Bully 2 was going to make an appearance at The Game Awards held on December 9, 2021, but didn’t get shown.

He alleged that a “Playable version” was seen by some people before The GameAwards, which was “not the canned version.” Henderson also stated that “information is blurry” at the moment and that he definitely thinks something is going on with the Bully franchise.

Henderson also wrote in a tweet that ‘New story coming 2 you soon.’ He posted a picture of the Bullworth Academy logo (the school which Jimmy attends in Bully) in that tweet too. However, his Twitter has become private since then.

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As if to corroborate this claim of Henderson, leaker SWEGTA expressed her belief in the development of Bully 2 by tweeting “Expect some Bully 2 news momentarily.”

Henderson also posted a tweet saying that he was “more confident than yesterday” about “something happening with the Bully franchise.”

In response to the above tweet, Twitter user bryce690 said that the “Something” to which Henderson alluded could only mean “The Definitive Edition.”

bryce690 had also made a bold claim somewhere back in July. They said that they and KylesGameRoom (a streamer and YouTuber) were convinced that Bully 2 would be announced this year at The Game Awards. We all know that that claim didn’t hold up.

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However, Redditor WMROIN said that even though details were scarce, if the next installment in the Bully franchise was in fact The Definitive Edition, they would have been informed. They continued, “I was not – I was told Bully 2."

WMROIN added that he thought "it's ludicrous to theorize that media saw the Definitive Edition before TGA, after the botched release of the GTA Trilogy. "(GTA Trilogy launched on 11 November 2021.) He also mentioned that the Bully insider SWEGTA told us to expect Bully information pretty soon.

One commenter commented this on the above Reddit post:” It’s the hope that kills you.” Well, there’s little else to do other than hope that the sequel of Bully releases soon. But whatever the case with these rumors might be, remember that nothing is certain until an official announcement is made. So don’t get your hopes up too high.

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