GTA 6's development is reportedly in a "Chaotic" state

GTA 6 development is in a "Chaotic" state right now, and getting an early release could be worrisome, claims a leaker.

GTA 6 news update development
GTA 6's development process can be worrisome

Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for quite a while for the Rockstar Games to reveal some news for GTA 6 and if the game is under development or all the theories coming out in regards to GTA 6 are baseless.

However, Rockstar has maintained its silence well and has not made any comment about it. Yet, a new rumor has been making rounds that maybe Rockstar is finally ready to do the GTA 6 reveal.

Recently, Rockstar released GTA Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, along with the announcement of releasing the next GTA Online expansion, GTA The Contract. However, there was no info about the upcoming GTA 6 game.

The insufficiency of data on the GTA 6 game has led to many speculations and rumors, where leakers are revealing some new info every now and then. Adding to the list of rumors, we have a new leak that suggests that GTA 6 could be in a Chaotic state right now.

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The latest report has come from a Twitter user AccNGT, who is not so well known, yet that shouldn't distract from the fact that their leaks are totally reliable and trustworthy, as you’ll see in a moment.

But first, let’s take a look at this leak.

AccNGT recently posted a tweet expressing that GTA 6's development is in a "Chaotic" stage. In their Tweet, they stated that numerous parts of the game could be frustrating for this very explanation, excluding the graphical aspects of the game. And if we remove the graphic part then we are obviously left with gameplay and narrative.

The leaker further added that if developers decide to announce the GTA 6 game this current year or in 2022, then it is going to be very troubling. Clearly, it is because of the way that the game's development is going as it isn't in a decent stage as of now, and releasing the GTA 6 game early would mean the devs are rushing with their work.

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Taking about the leaker's credibility, we can stay that AccNGT is a reliable source of information, as one only has to look at their early tweets, which now have been confirmed as true.

For example, AccNGT tweeted an image of Star Wars Eclipse almost a week back, and it had been in development for 1.5 years. At this year’s The Game Awards, it was announced that this game is under development.

If credibility is taken into the consideration, then players can only wish to get a confirmation on the game being developed, and should not expect the game to release anytime soon. Even though GTA 6 is highly anticipated by players all around the globe, yet there this is some terrible information for eager fans out there.

Fans however need to wait for Rockstar Games to give out news for GTA 6 or GTA 6 announcement date, to be certain about any of these reports as all of the recent ongoing information are leaks and hypotheses.

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