Genshin Impact Shenhe and Yunjin voice actors revealed

Genshin Impact Shenhe and Yunjin voice actors in Japanese and English revealed. 

Genshin Impact Shenhe and Yunjin voice actors
Genshin Impact Shenhe and Yunjin voice actors revealed

Genshin Impact 2.3 update is coming closer to its end and players will get to explore the Genshin Impact 2.4 update on January 5th. Players were eagerly waiting for the 2.4 Livestream, where miHoYo revealed crucial details about the coming update.

On Sunday, 26th of December 2021, a 2.4 livestream was held where a lot of details on the upcoming banners and characters, along with a glimpse of new events, enemies, a new map, and much more was showcased. 

During, Genshin 2.4 live stream, miHoYo additionally revealed the Genshin Shenhe voice actors along with Genshin Yunjin voice actors. 

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As announced earlier, a sneak peek Genshin 2.4 Livestream was held today, new info on upcoming events, banners, and much more was revealed. 

Along with the new info, the devs dropped a gameplay trailer for both Shenhe and Yunjin, where their voice actors were likewise revealed. 

Genshin Impact Shenhe Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst idle with voice

New Shenhe's animation along with her Japanese voice has been shared on the web where she can be seen showcasing her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst. 

Genshin Impact Shenhe voice actors

Genshin Impact Shenhe is one of the upcoming characters that is coming in the 2.4 update. The new Cyro-polearm user hails from Liyue and is a 5-star character. 

As per the info revealed, Shenhe voice actors are:

English - Chelsea Kwoka

Japanese -  Kawasumi Ayako

Kawasumi Ayako is one of the known personalities in the field of voice acting as she has given her voice to different anime and gaming characters. Over the years, Ayako has made a name for herself and has worked in several anime series, and delivered great performances. 

A few of her popular work includes:

  • JoJo's Bizzare Adventure: Erina Pendleton 
  • Fate/stay night: Saber 
  • Queen's Blade: Leina

Chelsea Kwoka is majorly known for her role in the English industry and her involvement as a theatre actress. Kwoka is popular for her work in successful projects such as

  • Beta
  • The Escape Plan
  • My Life in Venice Beach

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Genshin Impact Yunjin voice actors

Similar to Shenhe, we have Yunjin's voice actors. 

Genshin Impact Yunjin is a Stage Lucida and is the director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe along with being a famous figure in Liyue Harbor's opera scene. Yunjin is a 4 star Geo Polearm user. 

As per the info revealed, Yunjin voice actors are:

English - Judy Alice Lee

Japanese -  Koiwai Kotori

Judy Alice Lee is a popular name in the gaming field as she has done voice over for a major character in the Fallout series and has given her efforts in different games such as:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 
  • Call of Duty: Cold War 
  • Legends of Runeterra 
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic

Similar to Ayako, Koiwai Kotori is involved in high-level projects and has made her name by being part of different anime series such as:

  • Psycho Pass
  • Mob Psycho
  • Seven Deadly Sins
  • Blue Exorcist

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These were the complete details about Genshin Impact Shenhe voice actors and Yunjin voice actors. However, we still have a few days left before the 2.4 update goes live, so, players can expect to get more info during the upcoming days. 

We'll make sure to update you with the latest information, so keep following. Till then, you can also check the latest Genshin Impact leaks about the upcoming characters: HeizouFu Hua [Yelan]Kuki Shinobu, and much more.

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