Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover - Rumors

Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover is possibly being planned as per the latest rumors. 

Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover
Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover is being suspected by fans

Globe's most adored FPS title, Overwatch offers magnificent characters, an energetic esports scene, joined by lovely maps. This Blizzard's most famous FPS has established its place in gaming history. 

With Overwatch 2 moving to 5v5 gameplay with only one tank in each team, a ton of the current cast is having their kit changed altogether.

However, with all the news and leaks surrounding Overwatch, we have new rumours about Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover. Players are persuaded that a crossover is coming, as some new artwork from devs is hinting at the same.

Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover

Both Genshin Impact and Overwatch have made a huge impact on the gaming fans, so getting a collab of both these games will take the game on another level altogether. 

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Overwatch was released back on 24th May 2016, having hero-based gameplay with several game modes which soon became a top choice among gamers. 

Genshin Impact was released in 2020, on the 28th of September, and since then the game has hooked up its players to collect as many anime-styled characters and weapons as possible. 

Both the games have been popular for crossovers, as miHoYo's now-famous title has brought Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden Wests in the 2.1 update. 

This opens up an entire domain of conceivable outcomes, and the fans of Overwatch are pretty much convinced that a crossover is underway. 

Overwatch x Genshin Impact crossover is speculated by fans

Recently, Overwatch devs, Blizzard released another series of artwork to celebrate the Christmas season showing an assortment of fan-most loved heroes getting together. One of these Overwatch Christmas artwork highlights fiery English DPS, Tracer, getting a gift from a strange blonde hair character. 

Many expected that the mysterious character included in Overwatch's Christmas artwork was D.Va, which is highly likely and probably true. However, a few fans have attracted equals to Genshin Impact.

The much talked about splash art style is basically the same as the game's theme, including anime-style characters with striking, dark frameworks. Also, this speculated lady in the image looks similar to Genshin's Barbara, and Jean, it's just a guess though. 

While discussing the Genshin Impact x Overwatch crossover, a fan said, "Glad I’m not the only one to find it sus that they both released Christmas art literally at the same time as each other," Whereas another fan posted an image on Twitter, stating, "THE GENSHIN X OVERWATCH CROSSOVER OMG?"

Fans' intrest and their speculations are right or wrong remain to be seen as nothing can be said for sure. Yet getting Genshin x Overwatch crossover does seems very interesting. 

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  1. Bullshit. The girl in the image looks NOTHING like Jean or Barbara.

  2. The girl on the left is d.va(overwatch character) in her new Christmas skin

  3. That girl looks nothing like Jean or Barbruh. If she looks like anyone in Genshin it's Lumine. But I highly doubt it.

  4. Oh, so it's nothing. Phew, don't have to get mad at Genshin for doing a collab with a company full of abusers who are being publicly dragged by the state of California.

  5. You do know that was a joke post right.. smh. Can't believe you fell for that 😂

  6. How are ppl falling for this? If you spent more than 2 seconds looking into it you'd see it was a joke

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