Star Wars Eclipse leak reveals The Last of Us as an inspiration

Star Wars Eclipse leak suggests that The Last of Us was possibly the inspiration for the game.

Star Wars Eclipse leak
Star Wars Eclipse is possibly inspired by The Last of US

If you are a big fan of the video game series The Last of Us, chances are you’ll love the upcoming video game Star Wars Eclipse, because there’s definitely going to be some resemblance between the two. Or so the recent leaks tell us.

Because it was announced very recently, most people won’t have heard of Star Wars Eclipse. So a brief introduction is in order.

Star Wars is an intricately-branched upcoming action-adventure video game, created in collaboration between Quantic Dream and Lucasfilm Games. It’s set in the High Republic Era of the famous Star Wars universe. This Era is not as old as the Old Republic, which is set thousands of years in the past. 

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It’s a couple of hundred years before the Prequel Trilogy (the series that’s shown on television). According to the developers, it’s going to have a vast and highly enjoyable narrative.

It was announced at The Games Award (it’s like the Oscar for video games) 2021. It’s still in early development though (even after being in development for 18 months), so we won’t get to experience it any time soon. According to Twitter user Tom Henderson, it’s going to take 3-4 years for the title to release.

Before the game was announced though, Quantic Dream caused quite a bit of stir among loyal fans by liking a tweet that discussed the game’s release. They unliked the tweet later on, but by then the Internet was rife with rumors.

The person to be thanked for this leak is the Twitter user AccNGT, according to whom the video game The Last of Us serves as one of the main inspirations for this game. If you haven’t heard about them, don’t worry because you’re not alone. But the fact that AccNGT is not so well known shouldn’t distract from the fact that their leaks are totally reliable and trustworthy, as you’ll see in a moment. 

But first, let’s take a look at this leak.

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The Last of Us is an Inspiration for Star Wars Eclipse According to a Leak

AccNGT recently posted a tweet revealing key information about Star Wars. In the tweet, they stated that one of the inspirations for Star Wars Eclipse is Sony’s popular video game ‘The Last of Us’. In the same thread, they also said about the game that the Paris branch of Quantic Dream is “working on the creative stuff (motion-capture, narrative, level-art…),” and that the Montreal branch is “working on those aspects: level design, gameplay, multiplayer.” 

The tweet went on to say that one aim for Star Wars Eclipse is to have a narrative-driven arc and to create special action scenes.

A bit about The Last of Us: It was developed by Naughty Dog and is considered to be one of the best games out there. It received universal acclaim and sold over 1.3 units within a week of its release. It features enormous open-world gameplay. So if Quantic Dream wants to learn from it, it can hardly be called their fault.

In a separate thread on Twitter, AccNGT laid out everything they knew about Star Wars Eclipse, some of it is: open world, multiplayer, more playable characters than any other game developed by Quantic Dream.

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Apart from the leak by AccNGT, Redditor MrSellsOutPlays has a screenshot of the trailer of Star Wars Ecplise to offer. Lucasfilm Games had posted a trailer of the game online but then had taken it down. Fortunately for us gamers, MrSellsOutPlays had already clicked a screenshot of it.

Also, Tom Henderson said in an already mentioned tweet that the Paris branch of Quantic Dream is struggling with hiring staff and that this was the branch that was writing the game.

The credibility of the Leaks

To realize that AccNGT is a reliable source of information, one has only to look at their early tweets, which now have been confirmed as true.

For example, AccNGT tweeted an image of Star Wars Eclipse almost a week back, and it had been in development for 1.5 years. At this year’s The Game Awards, it was announced that this game is under development.

AccNGT also tweeted the title card of Star Wars Eclipse on the same day. That title card had never been released before.

If history is any indication, and it is, we can trust this guy. In fact, one commenter on Reddit says this about AccNGT: “doesn't get more legit than that. will def keep an eye on his profile

Now that we know that we have reliable information about Star Wars Eclipse, all we can do is wait, because there’s still a long time before its release.

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