Apex Legends Season 12 - Laser Sight and Explosive Hop-ups leaks

Apex Legends Season 12 Laser Sight and Explosive Hop-ups have been leaked, giving players an early insight.

Apex Legends season 12 weapon leak, explosive hop-up, new Laser Sights

Apex Legends season 12 explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights leaked

One of the most popular games of this decade, Apex Legends is soon to come up with its 12th season. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooting game that has completed its 11 seasons and still has got the same craze amongst gamers.

The 12th and the latest season of the battle royale game are still a month or more later. However, new leaks about the upcoming 12th season have already started to generate hype amongst the gamers.

Recently, there are some game leaks that surfaced indicating some new weapon additions. These leaks pointed towards weapons additions such as explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights in the Apex Legends season 12.

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Apex Legends Season 12: New Laser Sight

Recently, a famous Apex Legends data miner KralRindo leaked some new information about the upcoming 12th season. His recent tweet suggests that he has found some codes that are clearly indicating towards new addition of weapons.

There are indications of new explosive hop-ups as well as new Laser Sight for certain guns.

KralRindo attached a screenshot of a command prompt, in which he highlighted several codes reading, "LASER_SIGHT". The Laser Sight was listed against the types of gun that they support or get equipped on. If you are wondering what are the weapons that are getting new Laser Sight, then here you go,

  • RE45
  • Volt SMG
  • R99
  • P2020
  • Prowler
  • Wingman

KralRindo didn’t only reveal some information about the new Laser Sight for weapons but he has also leaked some bit of information indicating the arrival of new explosive hop-ups in the Apex Legends season 12.

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Apex Legends season 12: Explosive Hop-ups

Data Miner, KralRindo also revealed codes that indicated new hop-ups. These new hop-ups are “Explosive Lobber” indicated for L-STAR and “Kinetic Loader” indicated for the Peacekeeper as well as Volt SMG and Alternator.

According to past updates, we can conclude that the new L-STAR hop-ups might fire explosive rounds at a slower rate. However, there is still no information about the “Kinetic Loader” hop-ups that are completely unknown.

Apex Legends season 12: Past leaks

Since the game developers have announced the 12th season for Apex Legends, new leaks have regularly been surfaced around the gaming world. Apart from these hop-ups and Laser Sight code leaks, there also have been some other Apex Legends season 12 leaks that indicate towards the next collection event of Apex Legends.

The leaks suggest that the new upcoming Apex Legends season 12 will feature a post-apocalyptic theme and it will be also bringing some heirlooms along with it.

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Will all this be really happening?

Although there are tons of leaks that strongly suggest that the upcoming Apex Legends season 12 will feature new weapon Laser Sight and explosive hop-ups, we can not ignore the fact that there are still no official statements by the game developers and creators that, are these things happening for real or not?

The truth is that these leaks and theories are just speculations yet and there is still no guarantee that the upcoming game will be having these Laser Sights or Explosive Hop-ups. But there is one thing that we can believe and that is the game is going to be extra fun and adventurous now.

This is everything that has been revealed so far about Apex Legends season 12 explosive hop-up and new Laser Sights, keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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