Apex Legends Maggie - Season 12 legend, leaks, abilities, more

Apex Legends Maggie is going to be the next legend in season 12, as per the recent leaks and rumors.

Apex Legends Season 12 legend, Maggie
Apex Legends Season 12 legend leak

Apex Legends Season 11 will reach its conclusion in a few months, however, players have already started anticipating the Apex Legends Season 12.

The much anticipated reveal related to Apex Legends Season 12, is regarding the Apex Legends Season 12 new Legend. And as per the recent leaks, this new Apex Legends Season 12 Legend will be known as "Maggie".

Let's go through all the details and information that have been revealed so far about the Apex Legends Season 12 new Legend - Apex Legends Maggie.

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Apex Legends Season 12 Release Date

The 8th of February 2022 has been announced as the official Apex Legends Season 12 release date as the ongoing battle pass for Season 11 will finish then.

Apex Legends season 12 will bring its 20th Legend, that is Apex Season 12 new Legend, but now the main question is who is the new character in Apex Legends. Apex Legends Maggie will be the new legend joining the Apex Legends Season 12.


UPDATE: 24/01/22

Apex Legends Season 12 Official Reveal

Respawn has finally revealed official details on Apex Legends Season 12 legend, battle pass, Ranked Season, a new map update, and more.

As per the official description, "It’s time for Mad Maggie to face justice for her crimes. But when you can’t be innocent and you won’t be guilty, what fate lies in store?"


For all her crimes, Mad Maggie's been condemned to fight to the death in the Games. But just who's being punished here?


Apex Legends Season 12 Legend - Maggie

As per a prominent dataminer, Garretleaks, the coding data that was found earlier in the game files identify with the name of the new playable Legend.

Earlier, the leaker wasn't sure whether Ash or Maali will be the legend in Season 11, however, with Ash being officially released as Season 11 legend, the leaker suspects that Maggie will be the Apex Legend Season 12 new legend.

As per the recent Apex Season 12 leaks, the leaker claims that Maali could be a codename for Maggie, just like Valkyrie, known as "Valk" in the game documents.

Moreover, in the past, a few prominent leakers including @SomeoneWhoLeaks affirmed on Twitter that the Apex Legends new legend will be codenamed Maali.

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Recently, Garret talked about the new Apex Season 12 legend - Maggie in his latest YouTube video.

Apex Legends Season 12 Legend - Maggie abilities

Garret claims that Apex Legends Mali is essentially producing the particles from the triple take, and while talking about Apex Legends Maggie abilities, Garret said that he has found another section of code that reads 'maali_damage_boost'.

According to him, "his abilities Marley may have a damage boost. See the damage boost may be similar to Bangalore's double-take passive, but don't take this for certain as I'm not 100 percent sure."

Moreover, Maggie already died in the comic, so to clarify this, Garret further revealed his theory saying: "I don't think she died, she fell but you never saw her body or anything like that," he even gave the reference of movies and said, "if you don't see their body they're usually alive, think of emperor Palpatine from star wars."

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Apex Legends Season 12 Legend - Maggie leaks

Garret also pointed out that we have gotten voice lines from Revenant during the Shadow Royale when Fuse became a shadowed hood and said "you hope she's dead, you never wanted her to come back."

Other than the game, a few development pictures shared by the animation team of Outlands had a few weird things about Maggie. There she seems to have faced blue paintings and blue lipstick which she never had before and secondly, she seems to be wearing a stripy shirt instead of her usual white shirt.

Although there is no sign as to when the new Apex Legend Season 12 legend will be released in the game, yet another playable legend as a feature of Apex Legends Season 12 would surely appear to bode well.

More teasers and leaks will be dropping in as we come closer to the release of Apex Legends season 12, so we will probably get to know more about Apex Legends Maggie, Maggie Apex abilities and then we will update the article with new information.

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