Apple Gaming Console Is Reportedly Being Prepared

Apple Gaming Consoles will probably go into development soon as suggested by a reliable industry insider.

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Does Apple have a gaming console? Let's find out below.

Global tech giant, Apple is one of the biggest names in the technology industry. Majorly ruling the smartphone world, Apple’s products are a class of their own in every technology sector. Be it, iOS and Mac OS in operation systems, MacBook in Laptops, or iPhones in the smartphone world, Apple’s products are on top.

Apple also has tried to enter into the gaming sector by introducing Apple Arcade in past, however, now it may seem like the tech giant is going to take another huge step into the gaming sector as Apple is rumored to be launching their own gaming consoles.

The fact that the organization is hiring former Xbox gaming console engineers is highly suggestive of the consoles being in the planning phase. So, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the Apple Gaming Consoles leak.

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Apple entering the Gaming Console world!!

There have been numerous questions in the minds of fans that "does apple have a gaming console" or will apple make a gaming console", and now it seems like we have finally found an answer to that.

The news that Apple is hiring former Xbox gaming console engineers and could be entering into the gaming market as console manufacturers came into highlight when popular games journalist, Jez Corden, in the Xbox Two podcast that took place on the 21st of January this year, said,

"I’ve heard for a while that Apple is hiring engineers on Xbox to build their console. I’ve heard for a long time that Apple was thinking of making a video game console. Some of the engineers that Apple poached from Microsoft were because they wanted to explore making their own console."

He further added that the sources aren't solid enough to be 100% reliable but it’s was something that seemed to be interesting and something that he has heard of.

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Jez Corden stated that these types of rumors about Apple have been coming for ages and still do not know if the console “will be a VR play or a Metaverse thing, or something like that.”

Well, it is not the first time Apple will be working on such a secret project, Apple was also thinking to enter the automobile industry through its Apple Car but dropped the idea soon.

Game journalist, Jez Corden did not reveal the source for this information but assured that he has high hopes with this rumor to come out true. Moreover, he also talked about the leading names in the gaming industry.

Corden stated that he considers only Tencent games as the arch-rival for Microsoft in the gaming industry, “Which company would really want to compete with them [Microsoft] at that level? But the real answer is Tencent at the end of the day. Microsoft looks at Tencent.”

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Jez Corden has been giving reliable gaming industry news for a long time now and it will be safe to assume that he might be right this time also and Apple is planning to enter the gaming console industry.

For a technology company such as big as Apple to enter into the gaming console industry, is a huge news. It will surely be very interesting to see what creative and Apple texture, these consoles will have.

Search engine giant, Google has also tried to enter the gaming console industry, however, failed to impress gamers, so it would be very interesting to see what different strategies does Apple has to stand out.

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