Twisted Metal Reboot is reportedly being developed by Firesprite Games

PlayStation's upcoming Twisted Metal reboot project is now being developed by Firesprite, as suggested by recent reports.

Twisted Metal Reboot leak
Twisted Metal Reboot is now under development at Firesprite

The Twisted Metal Revival was rumored to be in development for quite a while now, and earlier it was reported that the Twisted Metal Reboot is being developed by Lucid Games.

The last title developed by Lucid Games was Destruction All-Stars, arena-based vehicular combat that shares a ton of similarities with Twisted Metal. In Destruction All-Stars, players play the job of champion drivers contending in an arena utilizing intensely equipped vehicles while having super abilities.

However, the latest reports suggest that Sony has swapped the developers, and now another studio acquired by Sony, Firesprite will work on the ongoing unannounced project.

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Firesprite is now working on Twisted Metal reboot

As per the latest VGC report, "PlayStation’s newly acquired Firesprite studio has taken over Lucid Games’ unannounced Twisted Metal reboot."

Earlier, it was rumored that another Twisted Metal game is being developed, which will release along with the reported Twisted Metal TV series in 2023 and it was likewise claimed that it will be a live-action series vehicular combat adaptation of the “Twisted Metal” PlayStation game.

Now coming to the main part of the article, it is being claimed that the Twisted Metal reboot project has now been handed over to the Firesprite studio, and the claims are being made on the fact Matt Southern (the director of various Motorstorm games) has joined Firesprite with the role of game director.

What has caused the stir in the speculations is that Southern actually left the same role at Lucid to take on the job at Firesprite as spotted in his LinkedIn profile. However, VGC additionally mentioned that:

"their sources did not provide an explanation for the change of the game’s developer, yet one person suggested the poor reception to Lucid’s PS5 title Destruction All-Stars could have contributed to the decision."

Sony declared toward the beginning of September that Firesprite Games is joining the PlayStation Studios family, an organization set up in 2012 by previous individuals from SIE Studio Liverpool.

Now the fact that Sony has actually handed over their unannounced Twisted Metal reboot project to Firesprite shows that Sony has immense belief in Firesprite's working talent. It should be so if Sony is planning to release the game as a PlayStation exclusive, since Firesprite has primarily worked on virtual reality games for PlayStation VR, including Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

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However, fans should take note that there's still no affirmation whether Southern was actually a part of Lucid’s Twisted Metal project or has he joined Firesprite Games studio for something entirely different.

Currently, Firesprite has numerous titles that are under development, including the above-mentioned PlayStation VR2 game: Horizon Call of the Mountain, so nothing can be said for sure.

Moreover, we are yet to get any official confirmation that the Twisted Metal reboot game is actually being developed and nothing is certain until an official announcement is made. So don’t get your hopes up too high.

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