Genshin Impact Yae abilities - elemental skills, burst, passives, weapon, leak

Genshin Impact Yae Miko will soon join the game, so let's get to know about the abilities of this Electro user.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko weapn and abilities leak
Genshin Impact Yae Miko weapon and abilities have been leaked

Players will get to explore the Genshin Impact 2.4 update on January 5th as officially announced by miHoYo. Fans were eagerly waiting for the 2.4 Livestream to know crucial details about the coming update.

On Sunday, 26th of December 2021, a 2.4 livestream was held where a lot of details on the upcoming banners and characters, along with a glimpse of new events, enemies, a new map, and much more was showcased.

During, Genshin 2.4 live stream, miHoYo revealed that fans will get three banner reruns of Xiao, Zhongli, and Ganyu. It was announced that the first half of 2.4 will have Xiao and Shenhe.

Moreover, miHoYo has officially revealed the new 2.5 character - Yae Miko, and we also had a leak regarding Yae Miko and Ayato's skills along with potential Yae Miko artwork and release date. However, now we have new Genshin Impact leaks that have revealed Yae Miko abilities along with her constellations and weapon.

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Recently, on December 25 an NGA user shared the data mined info for Yae Miko and Ayato's skills that was even found earlier by popular data miner Dimbreath. Now, new info has been shared on the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord channel that has given a complete breakdown of Genshin Impact Yae Miko abilities including Yae's Elemental Skill, and Elemental Burst along with her constellations and weapon.

Genshin Impact Yae Abilities

Genshin Impact's Yae is one of the upcoming characters that is coming in the 2.5 update. The new Electro user is Guuji of the Grand Narukami Shrine and was found in the in-game files in the past during the Genshin Impact closed Beta test. And today an NGA user shared a new post revealing Yae Miko's abilities.

Genshin Impact Yae Elemental Skill - Secret Technique: Heavenly Fox

Yae's Lethal Sakura connects with other Lethal Sakuras to gain a DMG boost and deals Electro damage via lightning to one nearby opponent.

With Yae Miko's elemental skill she moves rapidly and leaves a Lethal Sakura behind her, however, the maximum amount of Lethal Sakura that she can leave behind at the same time is 3.

Genshin Impact Yae Elemental Burst

Yae brings the powerful Tenko Thunderstrikes, causing enormous measures of Electro harm to all the foes in the surrounding. Moreover, the nearby Lethal Sakuras are transformed into Tenko Thunderstrikes when Yae deals her AoE Electro DMG.

Each Tenko Thunderstrike is formed when every Lethal Sakura is consumed after Yae's burst.

Genshin Impact Yae Passive Talents

So far we only know that one of Yae Miko's passive talents at ascension level 4 and this one likewise increases the Lethal Sakura's damage by 0.15% at every Elemental Mastery point.

The rest of Yae's passive talents are yet to be revealed but we can be hopeful that the full kit will be leaked soon.

Genshin Impact Yae Constellations

We are yet to know the exact names of Yae's constellations, but we do have an idea of what these constellations are about.

  • Constellation 1 - Yae's Elemental Burst triggers a Lethal Sakura Thunderbolt which then enables her to recover 7 energy for herself.
  • Constellation 2 - The cooldown of Lethal Sakura is decreased by 20% and the attack AoE is incremented by 100%.
  • Constellation 3 - Increments the Secret Technique: Heavenly Fox level by 3 and level 15 is the max upgrade level.
  • Constellation 4 - When Yae's Elemental skill triggers Lethal Sakura thunderbolt and hits the opponents, then a 20% Electro DMG bonus is received by teammates for 5 seconds.
  • Constellation 5 - It increments the level of Yae Miko's Elemental burst by 3 and level 15 is the max upgrade level.
  • Constellation 6 - The initial level becomes two when Lethal Sakura is created, and the max level gets incremented to 4. Moreover, 45% of enemy DEF are likewise ignored with the use of Lethal Sakura's attacks.

Genshin Impact 2.5 Yae's weapon - Kagura's Verity

The latest Genshin 2.5 leaks have revealed new info about Genshin Impact Yae's signature weapon, and this 5-star weapon is yet to get an official name but will probably be known as "Kagura's Verity".

The NGA leak has posted an image of Yae's weapon which seems to be inspired by the "Suzu Bell" or "Kagura Suzu". However, other than the look of new Yae's weapon, leakers have also revealed the stats and its effects.

Yae's weapon stats and effect

Yae's weapon has a Crit DMG sub-stat of 66.2% and it likewise supports the player's Elemental Skill DMG by a set measure of their DEF. Clearly, the Kagura's Verity weapon is designed to supplement Yae's playstyle.

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Kagura's Verity has a base ATK of 608 and its Crit DMG is 66.2%. It has been revealed that when using an Elemental Skill, Kagura's Verity weapon receives the effects of "Kagura Dance", increasing the wielder's Elemental Skill DMG by 12%. The mentioned effect lasts for 12 seconds and stacks 3 times.

The wielder likewise gains an additional 12% Elemental DMG Bonus, when 3 stacks are reached.

These were the complete details about Genshin Impact Yae skills, constellations, weapon, and its stats that have been revealed so far. However, the data has come from the leaks that are subjected to change, so, players should think about it with a grain of salt as miHoYo can at any time decide to make changes in the main game.


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