Samsung’s 2022 TVs - Gaming hub, NFTs, features, more

Samsung’s 2022 TVs to come with a new Gaming hub, NFTs, and many exotic features.

Samsung 2022 TVs NFTs
Samsung 2022 TVs will support NFTs

Yesterday at the CES 2022, Samsung's 2022 TVs were a major highlight as the South Korean company revealed a new line-up for their 2022 TVs with exotic features such as "Samsung Gaming Hub", support or NFTs, and remote controllers powered by radio waves.

The Samsung 2022 TVs will undoubtedly be a blessing for gaming fans as the smart TVs come up with lots of new features to make the game streaming experience better. The 2022 models will come up with a separate Samsung Gaming Hub section which will include remarkable traits such as distinct YouTube Gaming content and connected gaming consoles.

The company also announced that the 2022 model TVs will also emphasize cloud gaming libraries and will also star game streaming services like Google Stadia, Utomik and GeForce Now and also stated that there is a lot to come yet.

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Samsung Gaming Hub

Now, gamers will not need any auxiliary console hardware device to connect to their television as they will be apt to pair supported controllers.

Won-Jin Lee, Corporate President, Samsung Electronics stated, "We know that gaming continues to increase in popularity for our customers and we have bridged the gap between our Smart TV leadership and advanced gaming software to create an easier way for people to enjoy the games they love, faster. "

He further added, "We developed the Samsung Gaming Hub with our incredible content partners to benefit all gamers, and we plan to continue our collaboration to grow the ecosystem."

Major expectation from the Samsung Gaming Hub

Let us take a look at some of the major expectations from the Samsung Gaming Hub:-

  • As there will be lenient access to popular game streaming services, discovering and playing new games will be instant and easy.
  • We can follow our favorite gaming streamers with ease with direct access to YouTube gaming.
  • Exploring and buying new games will be very efficient, easy, and faster with the help of Samsung Gaming Hub.
  • Gaming console connection with TV will be very easy and fast.

There will be no harm in expecting some more exotic functions from the new 2022 model TVs as devices seem to be very promising even just after the first feature revelation.

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Samsung 2022 TVs to support NFTs

The South Korean tech Giant also concluded that the new 2022 TV models will also support the NFTs system. This means holders will now be able to trade, buy and display their NFTs directly from their television display.

Famous camera and photography news website, PetaPixeltweeted, "Samsung is giving NFT owners a way to enjoy their purchases. The company is launching a way to browse, buy, sell, and display NFT artwork through its 2022 televisions."

Will previous Samsung Smart TVs will feature these functions?

Samsung’s gaming product director, Mike Lucero stated, "We are starting with our 2022 models and are working to make the Gaming Hub available to even more Samsung customers,". Hence, earlier Samsung smart TV customers can so expect to get access to some of these features.

This is complete info on Samsung 2022 TVs and Samsung Gaming Hub. We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following.

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