Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear crossover rumored to be happening soon

Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear crossover can possibly be happening soon as suggested by new rumors.

Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover
Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover possibly leaked

Halo Infinite was released back on Wednesday, December 8 on different platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. However, the players were able to get access to Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode back on November 15 as it was released via a beta as a part of the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration.

After the final release of the Halo Infinite game, the web media was filled with positive reviews with different sites giving more 3 star ratings to the game. Moreover, at the Games Award, Halo Infinite won the "Players' Voice Award" which is a 100% fan-voted award, depicting the excitement of fans for this recently released game.

However, even though the Halo Infinite is brand new and most of the fans are still discovering different aspects of the game, we have a new rumor that soon we'll get to see Buzz Lightyear crossover.

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Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover

Crossovers are nothing new in the gaming industry as we have seen several big organizations collaborating, and doing crossovers with other popular franchises in their games. One of the prime examples of crossovers is Fortnite.

We have seen several Hollywood franchises and series being parts of different battle royale shooters like Call of Duty as John McClane, Ghost Face, and Rambo were all seen in CoD Cold War and CoD Warzone.

And now it seems like Halo Infinite is next in the line as the new rumors suggest that we can see Buzz Lightyear skin in the game.

Recently a new leak was posted by a Reddit user, bissue_tox on the Halo subreddit, revealing a bunch of pictures of a lot of paid Warthog skins that seem to be inbound for Halo Infinite players to acquire.

A total of five unique pictures were posted on the subreddit showcasing almost 23 Warthog skins, but the thing that caught fans' attention was the colors that clearly matched those of a certain, famous Toy Story character.

Players can spot a Warthog having shades of white, green, and purple in the first image, second from left, that highly resembles the colors of Buzz Lightyear. Suspecting the same a user wrote, "Is that a Buzz Lightyear one?".

It has been mentioned that a "Lightyear" movie is getting released in June 2022, so probably this Halo Infinite x Buzz Lightyear crossover could be an advertisement for that.

If the leak is to be believed, and if we are going in the right direction with our speculation, then it is possible that Halo is taking its first step towards crossovers and we will probably get the renowned Space Ranger skin.

It would actually be very interesting to see what it turns out to be.

However, these are mere assumptions for now and should be taken with a grain of salt until any official announcement regarding the Halo Infinite and Buzz Lightyear crossover is made. We will keep updating the article whenever the devs decide to drop in new info.

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