League of Legends Renata - new Zaun Support, abilities, release date, teaser, leaks

LoL Renata, upcoming Zaun support has been revealed by the devs, a few of its abilities.

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League of Legends Renata, the new Zaun support abilities, appearance leaked

There is no doubt that League of Legends is one of the most popular games among gamers and gamers all around the globe highly anticipate any new update that gets released within a fixed frame of time.

Each new update brings a new champion and fans eagerly look forward to the same, so far Riot Games has unveiled several characters in LoL including Akshan, Viego, Gwen, and recently we got Zeri.

Back on September 27, the devs dropped Champion Roadmap which revealed some interesting insights about the upcoming League of Legends' bottom lane marksman champion, next support champion, and Void-based jungler.

The ADC champion, Zeri has already been revealed, however, we have some new info on the next playable champ, League of Legends Renata that has been revealed by the devs.

So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL character Zaun support: Renata release date, trailer, abilities, and more.

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League of Legends Champion 2022

On January 7, the LoL devs released a video discussing the upcoming Champions in Season 2022. It was revealed that the initial patch of Season 12 will bring Zeri on January 20, and after that Riot has enormous plans for their forthcoming releases in 2022.

New details about the upcoming support champion were revealed in the video who will be having a dark twist and will have a shift from the usual bright-and-bubbly enchanter category.


UPDATE: 01/02/22

League of Legends Renata Glasc Revealed

Today, the devs dropped a new League of Legends Renata Glasc Champion Trailer, revealing details about the upcoming Zaun support champion.

The League of Legends 159th champion was introduced to the players via a surprise reveal where it has been announced that Renata Glasc is the founder of Glasc Industries that quickly expanded across Zaun—from chem tech mining operations to dance halls to refineries—angering some barons who’d held monopolies over the ventures.

LoL Renata has been described as a powerful champion that is all set to take Piltover’s source of financial power for herself—the Sun Gate.

As per the given description, LoL Renata, "with a secret cache of her parents’ chem tech formula embedded in every Glasc product in both Piltover and Zaun, ready to be released at her command—side effects and all—it’s only a matter of time before everyone works for Renata Glasc."

League of Legends Renata Gameplay Trailer

Coming to League of Legends Renata abilities, the devs likewise detailed the abilities of the upcoming champion depicting her as a complicated character having the skills to change the mind of her enemies and let them fight against each other.

League of Legends Renata Abilities

As per the recent revelations made by the devs in the League of Legends 159 champion trailer video, the new Zaun support has the following abilities:

  • LoL Renata ability - Passive: Leverage

Renata Glasc’s basic attacks mark her enemies and deal bonus damage. Damage from Renata’s allies consumes the mark, dealing additional damage.

  • LoL Renata ability - Q: Handshake

Renata Glasc sends out a missile from her robotic arm that roots the first enemy hit. She can reactivate the ability to throw the enemy in a target direction, damaging enemies hit and stunning them if the thrown target is a champion.

  • LoL Renata ability - W: Bailout

Renata Glasc grants an allied champion or herself ramping Attack Speed and Move Speed toward enemies. If the ally gets a takedown on an enemy champion, the buff duration resets. If the ally would die while Bailout is still active, their health is set back to full but they begin burning to death over 3 seconds. The ally can stop the burn by getting a champion takedown before they die.

  • LoL Renata ability - E: Loyalty Program

Renata Glasc sends out chemtech rockets that shield allies and damage and slow enemies they pass through. The rockets also apply their effects around her on cast and in an explosion at max range.

  • LoL Renata ability - R: Hostile Takeover

Renata Glasc sends out a cloud of chemicals that causes enemies to go Berserk, increasing their Attack Speed and forcing them to basic attack anything around them. Berserk enemies prioritize attacking their own allies, then neutral units, then Renata Glasc’s team, then Renata Glasc herself.

League of Legends Renata Release Date

Thursday, February 17, 2022, is the expected LoL Renata release date as it has been stated that Renata is expected to make her debut in League of Legends patch 12.4, scheduled two weeks later in mid-February.


League of Legends Zaun Support - Past Renata leaks

Although devs gave a few teasers, new leaks have revealed League of Legends Champ 159 potential name and abilities.

It has been speculated that League of Legends Zaun support will be known as "Renata".

The news started to flow on the web when a Twitter insider @SybrLoL posted skins leak along with the Season 12 cosmetics that will be released in the early months of 2022.

The leak had names of different skins including Bee-themed skins, Anima, Arcana, but what actually caught our attention was the name of the next LoL champ, Zaun support that appeared in the same list.

The January 19 skins leak mentioned the next LoL Renata and her launch skin and it was stated that the next LoL champion will be released along with Anima skins in patch 12.5.

However, nothing can be said for sure as we are far away from the release of LoL patch 12.5.

Other than the Twitter leak, we have a fresh leak from some Chinese datamined files for TFT set 6.5 that has additionally confirmed the LoL Zaun support's name “Renata”.

If we go by the leak then the upcoming champion is coming for both League of Legends and TFT. Then leak likewise revealed LoL Zaun support, Renata's abilities.

League of Legends Zaun Support - Renata Abilities

As per the recent revelations made by the devs in the League of Legends 2022 champions video, the new Zaun support will make "players feel like the boss that they are."

Other than the teasers from devs, the leaked League of Legends Renata E ability states:

  • Passive: Renata’s basic attack deals a percentage of the target’s maximum health as true damage.
  • Active: Renata fire a missile at her target dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and reducing their magic resistance. At the end of the missile, it will explode, causing the same effect to enemies in the explosion, and the magic resistance reduction can stack.

LoL Zaun support, Renata's abilities

While Riot hasn't revealed any specific Zaun support's abilities, one thing is clear that the game’s enchanter support kit will likely be quite skill-expressive.

Talking about the new support champion abilities, Reav3 said, "We also wanted to make a champion whose theme and the kit makes support players feel like the boss that they are. And if any of you supports out there know what I’m talking about, then I think you're going to go berzerk over this new enchanter."

We will make sure to update the article whenever Riot decides to drop in new info about this new League of Legends Zaun support abilities.

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League of Legends Zaun Support - The "sinister and dark" enchanter

Currently, we have several shielders and healers like Sona, Lulu, Nami, Yuumi, Janna who dominate the support category and the devs wanted the new support to break away from that thematic.

In the LoL Champion 2022 video, while talking about the upcoming support champion, the Reav3 revealed that they were basically planning to bring a new style of enchanter support and stated, "When we were thinking about the type of support we wanted to make, we looked at the enchanter cast overall."

He further said, "There are a lot of lighthearted, colorful, good-aligned champions there and we felt support players deserved something more sinister and dark to balance out that cheery brightness in the role."

While talking about this new champion, the devs gave a small teaser of what the new Zaun support would look like, and as per the fans' assumption, this upcoming character looks quite similar to Zaunite chem-baron Corina Veraza, who currently features like a card in Legends of Runeterra.

The point of comparison here is the robotic arm of Zaunite shown off in her "Corina, Mastermind" however, the purple glow is missing from the card image. Clearly, it is only a hypothesis, and we only know that the LoL Zaun support has no connections to Arcane.

Ryan revealed that LoL Zaun support will be released early this year, i.e., 2022 in the first few patches in Season 12. Earlier, while discussing the release of upcoming LoL champions 2022, it was revealed that the first two champions were planned for the end of 2021, however, they did not fit the events and hence were pushed a year back.

Currently, we have the new champion Zeri releasing in patch 12.2, so we can expect the LoL Zaun support release date to be scheduled after that.

Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL Zaun support champion and the elements that it will bring. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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