Dying Light 2 Review - gameplay, storyline, performance, detailed info

Dying Light 2 will be released tomorrow, and the game is all set to offer some new and old interesting elements to the players.

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Dying Light 2 review - complete info on the upcoming game

Launched in the year 2015, Dying Light was a Warner Bros publication. Developed by Techland, Dying Light is a survival-based horror video game. The game is compatible with PS4, XBOX series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

The game got really appreciated among gamers and especially among those gamers who enjoy horror story games. Since 2015, Dying Light fans are eagerly waiting for the next season of the game and are having even bigger expectations than the previous season.

Now, the wait for the next season of Dying Light, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, is almost over as the game is going to launch tomorrow, i.e. 4th of February. The game will release at a price of £59.99 for the standard edition and £74.99 for the Deluxe edition.

Despite the fact that the game is yet to be released, gameplay reviews about the game are out as some game reviewer enterprises are provided the PS5 copies of Dying Light 2 by the publishers of the game, Techland.

So, if you want to have a look at the gameplay review, story, and overall performance of the game before buying it and giving Dying Light 2 a try, here you go with our detailed Dying Light 2 review.

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Dying Light 2 Story

The storyline of Dying Light 2 is based around Aiden, a “pilgrim”. 15 years after a viral outbreak that led to detouring a major part of the world’s population, Aiden goes on a quest to find his sister who got separated from him in his childhood.

During his travel to find his sister, Aiden reaches the city of Villedor. Villedor is a functionally created city located somewhere in central Europe. This city is where the main storyline of the game takes place. While entering the city of Villedor, Aiden gets infected by a virus.

And now, to keep the humanity inside him alive, Aiden needs to use immunity boosters as well as UV exposure as the virus is weak to UV rays.

While Aiden focuses on the completion of his personal goal to fund his long-separated sister, he also has to help the people of Villedor, known as Villedorians. His great skills and intelligence plays a major role in him helping the different sections of Villedorians.

The city of Villedor has different districts and each district is controlled by different sections of people. Some of them are the free folks “Bazaarians”, the authoritarian “Peacekeepers” and the Bandit’s hostile that are termed as the “Renegades”.

During the course of the Dying Light 2 game, Aiden is required to choose between these groups of people and Aiden’s decisions majorly affect the future events of the game. These groups of people usually request Aiden to help them and in return, Aiden is also offered hospitality and technologies from them.

A major role of Aiden’s game is to balance the tension between these groups of people and bring peace to the city of Villedor and situations related to these sections help in Aiden’s development.

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Dying Light 2 Gameplay

The most common enemy that appears frequently in the Dying Light 2 are the Zombies. These Zombies have a weakness, that is UV rays. Hence, Zombies do not present any threat in the day or in sunlight same as in the first Dying Light game.

During the day, Zombies are mostly present in dark zones where sunlight does not reach. Therefore, it becomes quite troublesome to explore such dark zone areas during the daytime. For the advancement in the game, it is quite important to explore the city during both, the day as well as the nighttime.

However, exploring the city at night becomes risky due to the presence of zombies as on being alerted to Aiden’s presence, they pursue him and won’t leave him until Aiden reaches a safe house, UV lamp, or a place to hide.

The Dying Light 2 game also offers you rewards if you make it through the night city exploration without any serious damage. You get combat experience as well as a free-running ability increase. Therefore, Aiden’s abilities such as range of movement and living as well as dead encounter overcoming increases.

These ability power-ups do not only help Aiden in movement while exploring the city but also help during combats. Increased mobility allows Aiden to counterattack his enemies using their own momentum against them.

Also, it is quite important in the game to invest in skills and weaponry in the game as livings such as Bandits recognize your attacks and adapt to counter those attack repetitions.

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At multiple times in the game, players are required to make choices that strongly affect their future in the game. For instance, if Aiden chooses to support the Peacekeepers and decides to allocate the resources to them, Peacekeepers set up technologies like proximity mines which are made to damage hoards of infected for a long-range.

On the other hand, if Aiden chooses to support the Bazaarians and allocate all the resources to them, they will set up technology devices that help in quicker movement such as zip lines and jumping pads.

Dying Light 2 Performance

There are reports of very few technical issues in the new arrival of the Dying Light sequel, however, none of the technical issues are that serious or harmful. Players did face some rag-dolling of enemies in the game and game testers also reported that sometimes.

Aiden falls to death as it grabs onto the ledge even before clipping himself to the terrain, which proved to be quite frustrating sometimes.

Game testers also found another funny glitch in the Dying Light 2 when Aiden is about to have a climactic fight with the boss at the end, the assailant falls through the platform but stills continues to berate Aidan. As you can not direct restart a fight without dying, this glitch frustrated the gamers a lot.

Apart from such small technical issues, the overall performance of the game is quite good as rated by the game testers.

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Unlike the previous Dying Light, DyingLight 2 offers a wider range of exposure areas. Freedom to move freely in a wide range of areas is something that makes gamers visit the game again and again in hopes of exploring something new every time.

Additional new combat skills, as well as weaponry, are also a major change in the new Dying Light 2 game that makes it a great experience. The PS5 copy of the game is having some little technical issues which might or might not be occurring in the official launch.

Overall, we can say that the testing of the game proved to be a nice experience but there is no denying the fact that it is only after playing the officially launched game, we can come to a proper conclusion for the performance of the game.

Well, there you have it, our complete experience and detailed Dying Light 2 review. Be sure to check it out when the game releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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