Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch announced by Respawn

Apex Legends Mobile soft launch has been announced by the devs, giving new hopes to portable players.

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Apex Legends Mobile soft launch has energized the fans alot

One of the most popular games of this decade, Apex Legends is soon to come up with its 12th season. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale shooting game that has completed its 11 seasons and still has got the same craze amongst gamers.

The 12th and the latest season of the battle royale game is coming closer to its release, however, Apex fans have another thing to celebrate as the devs have announced the soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile.

After going through the different phases of beta testing in different regions all over the planet, the devs have decided to launch the portable version for the fans.

Let's get into the details of the Apex Legends Mobile soft launch, its release date, regions, and more.

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Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch

Apex fans are well aware of the fact that Respawn has been working hard to bring a portable version of the game for the players, So it wouldn't be shocking to hear the launch of the Apex Legend Mobile game.

While announcing the Apex Legends Mobile soft launch, the developer of Apex Legends, Respawn took to Twitter and stated, "The Soft Launch for Apex Mobile is coming! For those in the countries mentioned below, please follow the link, or visit your local Google Play Store page, to pre-register. For all other legends, sit tight! We'll have more info for you soon."

Before the announcement of the Apex Legends Mobile game's soft launch, the devs held a series of beta testing of the game in different areas of the world. And adhering to the same, the devs have announced that the Apex legends mobile will be released in those regions only.

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Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch Regions

The regions where the Apex Legends Mobile game will be released include:

  • Australia
  • Columbia
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Philippines
  • Singapore

If you are one of those Apex fans who reside in any of these regions, indeed you are a lucky one as Respawn has stated that the Apex Mobile version will only be released in these regions and those living outside these areas will have to wait a while.

Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch platform

Other than the region restrictions, there's another drawback of the upcoming Apex Mobile game as it is only coming out for Android gadgets. So similar to the residents of other cities, iOS users will also have to keep their calm as they will be able to enjoy the Apex Legends Mobile version later on in the future.

However, iOS users don't need to lose hope as Respawn is likewise working on Apex Legends iOS build, which will probably be released when devs drop the Apex Legends Mobile game worldwide.

So, those who wish to enjoy the mobile version of the game should wait a while as Respawn has been routinely keeping a check on the players and is likewise putting a ban on those who are utilizing VPN and some other outsider applications for running the game.

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Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch date

Currently, we have no information on Apex Legends Mobile soft launch date, yet it is expected that Respawn will soon announce the release date for Apex Legends Mobile in those specific areas.

Clearly, the areas where the beta tests were held will have a fast release as those locales were chosen for a beta test, and devs are well aware of the responses from those regions.

Even though the Apex Legends Mobile release date has not been announced till now, Respawn has allowed the Pre-registration of Apex Legends Mobile for the Android users who are living in the chosen areas by visiting the Google Play Store.

Another way for Apex Mobile registration is via the official Apex Legends Mobile site as the devs have asserted that the players will be notified when the game will be made available for free to download.

Currently, the devs are working hard on this upcoming Apex mobile version, so it would be safe to assume that Apex Legends Mobile will be released in a better state than it was in its beta phase as the devs were positively taking all the responses from the beta players.

We can expect more news on Apex Legends Mobile when it will come closer to its release, till then, Apex fans can look forward to Apex Legends Season 12 which is all set to bring a new battle pass, Ranked Season, an Olympus map update, legend Maggie, and much more.

These were all the information about the Apex Legends Mobile Soft Launch. Keep visiting for more Apex Legends news that will be coming soon.

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