Genshin Impact Baizhu voice actor in Chinese revealed

Genshin Impact Baizhu voice actor in Chinese has been revealed, hinting at the character's upcoming release.

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Genshin Baizhu voice actor reveal is getting fans excited

Genshin Impact 2.4 update is coming closer to its end and players will get to explore the Genshin Impact 2.5 update on February 16th. Players have been eagerly waiting for the 2.5 Livestream, where miHoYo will reveal crucial details about the coming update.

It has been claimed by the lakers that on Friday, 4th of February 2022, the Genshin 2.5 livestream will be conducted where the devs will reveal info about the characters coming with Yae Miko along with giving us a glimpse at the much-awaited character, Ayato.

However, prior to the livestream, miHoYo released an Age of Flowing Hues cutscene, that has possibly revealed the voice actor of another awaited character, Baizhu.

Let's get into the details of Baizhu voice actors.

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Genshin Impact Baizhu

Genshin Impact Baizhu initially appeared in the game during "Guizhong", the Archon Quests Chapter 1, Act 2.

Baizhu of Genshin Impact is the owner of a popular pharmacy in the Liyue region known as Bubu Pharmacy. Several characters in the game come to Baizhu for his novel, yet compelling medicines.

Genshin Impact Baizhu, a Dendro NPC in the game was suspected to be released as a playable character sometime in the future, however, there were rumors that fans will soon get to explore Genshin Impact Baizhu's abilities again. Baizhu's return is something that will get plenty of fans energized.

However, now the devs have officially revealed the Genshin Baizhu voice actor in Chinese, possibly hinting at his impending release.

Genshin Impact Baizhu voice actors

Recently, miHoYo released a new video on their official Bilibili account, and fans were able to figure out that the official upload of the Age of Flowing Hues cutscene has revealed Baizhu's Chinese voice actor for the first time.

As per the info revealed, Baizhu voice actors are:

  • Qin Qiege aka Wei Zhong is the Chinese Baizhu voice actor.
  • Koji Yusa is the Japanese Baizhu voice actor.
  • We are yet to get info on Baizhu's English voice actor.

Qin Qiege seems like a known personality in the field of voice acting as he has given his voice to different anime and gaming characters, specifically Original Net Anime (ONA) from China. Over the years, Qin Qiege has made a name for himself and has worked in several anime series, and delivered great performances.

He is a male dubbing actor from Mainland China, a member of the Chinese online dubbing club Yuesheng and Qixiangtianwai Dubbing Studio.

A few of his popular work includes:

  • Wan Jie Xian Zong
  • Cells at Work

Koji Yusa is also a widely known Japanese voice actor and a narrator who has given his voice to numerous anime and gaming characters.

He has been known for all of his roles, but got majorly popular with:

  • Choja Raideen: Raideen Owl
  • The Sonic series: Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Bleach: Gin Ichimaru
  • Battle Vixens: Zuo Ci and Xu Huang and many more

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Right now we have no info on Genshin Baizhu English voice actor, yet with the latest reveal it seems we are coming closer to Baizhu's release in the main game.

Moreover, Baizhu's release clearly hints at Dendro's release, and the leaks have revealed that "Dendro ain't coming with Chasm in the same patch, you all can stop coping. Maybe a patch or 2 later after chasm releases, but not with it."

It actually matches with what leakers revealed earlier stating that Dendro Archon will actually release with a new Sumeru map and Genshin Impact 3.0 is rumored to bring Sumeru region after the 2.8 update.

Leaks have also revealed a few details on Dendro Archon's appearance and while discussing the similarity in appearance, it was claimed that the upcoming Dendro Archon will be like Kazuha. Clearly, the statement hints at the Dendro Archon appearance.

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So far the leakers have claimed that there's a possibility that Genshin Impact Baizhu is going to be the upcoming Dendro Archon, yet it is likewise possible that a new character from the Sumeru region will be a Dendro Archon.

Whatever be the case, players will have to wait to see Baizhu in the game as we have other characters like Yae Miko and Ayato, scheduled for the 2.5 and 2.6 patch.

The wait is long, and nothing can be said for sure, hence it's best to wait for the official confirmation from miHoYo as usually a lot of changes are made between the beta process and the final launch of any new patch.

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