Mario Party Superstars DLC rumored via new YouTube survey

Mario Party Superstars DLC could possibly be released soon as hinted by the new YouTube survey.

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Mario Party Superstars DLC rumors

Mario Party is a video game series containing creatures from the Mario franchise wherein up to four local players or computer-controlled creatures known as "CPUs" compete in a board game interspersed with minigames.

The games are presently created by NDcube and distributed by Nintendo, after being developed earlier by Hudson Soft. The series is notable for its party game components, such as the frequently surprising multiplayer modes that enable up to four, and even sometimes eight, human players or CPUs to play together.

Several of Hudson Soft's major designers departed after the creation of Mario Party 8 to join Nintendo subsidiary NDcube, the makers of Wii Party. Since the release of Mario Party 9 in 2012, NDcube has taken over the development of the series from Hudson Soft. Super Mario Party, the first game in the series for the Nintendo Switch, was published on October 5, 2018.

If there is one Nintendo game that is ideal for DLC, it is Mario Party Superstars. New boards, characters, ad game types would all make excellent downloadable additions and contribute to the game's durability. And although Superstars has yet to acquire DLC, it appears that this may change shortly as we have new rumors hinting at Mario Party Superstars DLC.

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Mario Party Superstars DLC rumor

As Nintendo begins releasing a new survey to fans, it is possible that Mario Party Superstars DLC could be the next in the pipeline.

Despite the fact that the famous Nintendo party game isn't even a year old, fans have been eagerly waiting for new stuff in Mario Party Superstars for quite some time.

Following the announcement that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will receive 48 remastered courses from prior titles in a recent Nintendo Direct, fans soon turned their focus to Mario Party Superstars.

According to a Reddit user on the Mario Party subreddit, a YouTube survey suggests that Mario Party Superstars DLC is on the way.

The Reddit user was greeted with a poll before viewing a video, which questioned, "Next time you buy a downloadable content pack, which are you more likely to buy?" and Hot Wheels Unleashed, Mario Kart 8 DLC, ACNH: Happy Home Paradise, and Mario Party Superstars were the different alternatives.

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Of course, this does not imply that Mario Party Superstars DLC is already in the works. However, as a fellow Reddit user pointed out, in 2021, a survey surfaced asking fans whether they would be interested in a new WarioWare game and at what pricing point.

Following this study, WarioWare: Get It Together! was launched in September 2021 for $10 less than the average price.

What's remarkable about this is that Mario Party Superstars is the only game on the list that doesn't have any DLC available right now. Hot Wheels Unleashed has already received an extension, Mario Kart 8 has had DLC for years and will have more in the future, while Happy Home Paradise is the lone piece of DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

This appears to imply that Mario Party Superstars DLC is in the works, or that Nintendo is exploring options to see if there is any demand in adding more material to the game. It might just be an error on Nintendo's or YouTube's part, but it seems odd given that the rest of the games listed there all feature DLC.

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Members of the Mario Party subreddit speculate that it might be a YouTube blunder and that Mario Party Superstars DLC was supposed to be published by now but was pushed back for some reason, with YouTube failing to update the survey in time.

Others believe it might just be a bogus choice on the survey to ensure that whoever is reading it is paying attention and providing the right responses, however, given the nature of the poll, this seems doubtful.

It's unknown whether Nintendo or a third party created the survey. Nevertheless, with the Nintendo Switch's original Mario Party game, Super Mario Party, receiving no DLC, Mario Party Superstars appears to be a more probable candidate for new content.

Several players will be excited to see new Mario Party Superstars content, and the Mario Party Superstars DLC might be included as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, which is always being updated with new content and enhancements.

However, only time will tell what Nintendo has in store for the popular Mario Party Superstars game and Mario Party Superstars DLC.

For now, it is suggested to take any unofficial info on Mario Party Superstars DLC with a grain of salt until any official announcement regarding the new Mario Party Superstars expansion is made.

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