Goldeneye 007 remaster reveal is reportedly happening soon

Goldeneye 007 remaster release date is closer than expected, as suggested by new leaks.

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Goldeneye 007 Remaster leak

Goldeneye 007 was a colossal change for videogames, which was the adaption of the beloved James Bond movie (1995) involving a first-person shooter for consoles and Nintendo 64. No Time To Die, the developer behind the game delivered a majorly successful game, however, it was a licensed game, and due to this, the absence of a Bond game since 007 Legends has been intensely felt.

Players were looking forward to the upcoming Project 007 from IO Interactive to explore the terrain of James Bond after 2012, and to the fans' joy, it seems like they will be able to enjoy their much-awaited Bond game sooner than expected.

According to the latest reports, a Goldeneye 007 remaster 'may be revealed in the coming weeks.'

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Goldeneye 007 remaster release date

After 2008, the release of Xbox Live Arcade remaster of the Goldeneye 007 was canceled due to licensing issues between MGM (James Bond film studio), Nintendo, and Microsoft, however, we have a new rumor suggesting that Goldeneye 007 remaster could possibly be coming soon.

The leak has come from the popular VentureBeat journalist, Jeff Grubb, who indicated on his premium Giant Bomb podcast, GrubbSnax that he believes that rather than original publisher Nintendo, Microsoft will make the announcement for the Goldeneye 007 remaster release.

In his recent podcast, Grubb stated, "I think that Microsoft is going to be the one to announce that first. I think this game is probably coming pretty soon, I’m thinking next couple of weeks."

The Goldeneye 007 remaster release leak has been additionally verified by the sources of VGC, and it has been claimed that Microsoft is indeed planning to announce the Goldeneye 007 remaster in the coming days.

In the past, rereleasing Goldeneye 007 has been a legal nightmare, with rights holders MGM, Nintendo, and Microsoft all theoretically having to authorize a new version of the N64 classic, Goldeneye 007.

However, soon the James Bond series will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2022, hence, prompting the speculation that the developers are planning to re-release the most iconic video game in the franchise's history as part of the celebration.

It was leaked earlier via the Goldeneye 007 Xbox achievements leaks that the remaster is possibly getting a release on Xbox Series S|X consoles, and with these new reports, it seems like fans can have high hopes from the game.

However, it is suggested to take any unofficial info on Goldeneye 007 Remaster with a grain of salt until any official announcement regarding the new GoldenEye 007 game is made. Moreover, the article will constantly be updated with new GoldenEye 007 game leaks, hence fans can look forward to the same.

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