Rainbow Six Siege Rengoku event - operator skins, gameplay, map, leaks, more

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event will be made available to the players soon, and leaks have already revealed new data about it.

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event leaked

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game with a high level of precision. It was first released in 2015, and it is still in development in several areas, including operators, weapons, and maps.

The most recent Rainbow Six Siege update added a new operator, a minor amount of map redesign, fascinating gameplay, and much more for the game's enthusiasts. Players now have access to a new Demon Veil operation, which includes another Rainbow Six Siege operator, Azami, a Japanese Defender.

However, we have leaks revealing additional information about the R6 Y7S1 as before its formal appearance as a component of Rainow Six Year 7 Season 1, a new event has been leaked.

Several leaks have surfaced regarding the impending R6 Y7S1 Rengoku event. Moreover, along with the Rainbow 6 Rengoku event's gameplay, leaks also gave a sneak peek at the Samurai-themed cosmetics that will be available for a number of the game's Operators.

So let's get started with the details of this new Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event, operator skins, gameplay, map, leaks, more.

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event

A fresh Rainbow Six leak has disclosed info regarding the Rainbow Six Seige Rengoku event, including gameplay, Operator skins, and a redesigned Skyscraper map.

This event occurs shortly after the release of a new Japanese defender, Azami who joined us recently with the launch of a new Operation - Demon Veil. And even though the players are busy exploring the abilities of Azami, the leaks have revealed details about the impending R6 Rengoku event and its gameplay.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event gameplay leak

As per @benjaminstrike, a known Rainbow Six Siege leaker, the Rainbow Six Rengoku event will allow players to "battle to light the altars and free their deity" in a 5v5 mode.

In every round, the player with the highest points at the end of a match wins, and the round is claimed to last three minutes. Points are obtained by lighting altars. It's also worth noting that during the Rainbow Six Rengoku event, everyone will be able to use a number of Kiba gadgets.

As per the leaks, when these kunai collide with players, they cause an explosion, spread fire, flash, airjab, or release toxic gas. Only a shotgun and a handgun are shown in early gameplay, hinting that other weapons will be unavailable during the event.

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event skins

With regards to the R6 Y7S1 Rengoku event skins, each of them seems to be themed on Samurai.

A video was shared on Youtube featuring 10 operators getting their own traditional body armor. If fans have a close look at the leaked footage, they can spot Bandit dressed in a black kabuto with intricate chest pieces and a stylized face mask.

Other than Bandit, we have other Y7S1 Rengoku event Operator skins as well, including:

  1. Bandit
  2. Kapkan
  3. Capitao
  4. Fuse
  5. Maestro
  6. Osa
  7. Rook
  8. Zophia
  9. Thunderbird
  10. Twitch

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event map - Skyscraper

According to current reports, the Rainbow Six Rengoku event would not have its own map; rather, participants will battle it out on a slightly different version of the Skyscraper map. Therefore, players can expect lots of chances to surprise enemies with devious hallway flanks and can sprint outdoors through the traditional gardens for quick kills.

The Siege's distinctive destruction is likewise expected during the event, so those looking for new elements during the fight might be able to explore new paths.

This was everything about the Rainbow Six Y7S1 Rengoku event, including the operator skins, gameplay, map, and leaks. We will keep refreshing the article with new info, whenever we get any.

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