Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator - Azami, Kiba weapon, loadout leaked

Rainbow Six Year 7 Season 1 operator details have been leaked, and players are more than excited.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator leak
Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator have been leaked

The Rainbow Six Siege's last update brought another operator, a small bunch of map rework, interesting gameplay, and much more for its fans. Players got a new High Calibre operation, with another Rainbow Six Siege operator - Thorn, who is a new Defender from Ireland.

However, soon the players will be done with Operation High Caliber and will have a new update to uncover. And leakers have revealed new info about the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator, her model, weapon, and more.

So let's get started with the details of this new "Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator".

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Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operator Azami - Official reveal

If you've been following the leaks, you'll be pleased to learn that Azami will be joining the Rainbow Six lineup in Operation Demon Veil as the game's newest defender to begin off Year 7.

With a sleek outfit in all black emphasized by a shimmering blue blazer with elaborate gold art on one side, the Japanese operator, full name Kana Fujiwara, was highly inspired by private security services in the nation.

With all the official info, we know the following details about Y7S1 Azami:

Medium speed, medium health Operator from Japan

Gadget: Kiba Barrier

  • Thrown knife that ejects gas which then turns solid to create a small barrier
  • Can be used to close holes, block doorways
  • Gadget generates over time (similar to Lesion’s Gu mines)


  • Explosions
  • Sledge
  • 3x melee attack

Azami Weapon:

  • Primary weapons: 9x19VSN & ACS12
  • Secondary weapons: D-50
  • Secondary gadgets: Barbed Wire & Impact Grenade

On February 22, 2022, Azami will be released as part of Rainbow Six's Operation Demon Veil. The Japanese defender will first be tested on the TTS before being released to the general public in early March.



Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operator Teaser

This week will see the complete announcement of Rainbow Six Siege's next season, that is Rainbow Six Y7S1, and as usual, Ubisoft will tease us with teasers building up to the big reveal. Recently the devs dropped a sneak peek of the new Rainbow Six Siege operator, clad in a suit and wielding a kunai, similar to what the early Year 7 Season 1 leak revealed.

In the official Twitter post, Ubisoft said, "A blade can sever and stick and scar. A knife can cut or crease or create. Don’t the simplest tools have the most imaginative uses?"

It was stated that the compete reveal of R6 Y7S1 will happen on Saturday, February 19 on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel, so those eagerly awaiting the new season should look forward to Feb 19 as lots of new details. will be revealed then.


Rainbow Six Y7S1 Operator - Rainbow Six Azami

The leakers have gradually been revealing insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator. The name of the first Season 7 Operator set to join Team Rainbow has been leaked, the operator will be known as Rainbow Six Azami. Earlier, the leaks claimed that the new operator has been termed as Flubber.

And in the past a known Rainbow Six dataminer, benjaminstrike revealed that the new operator was called "Azami".

Moreover, in the past leakers have uncovered that Rainbow Six Flubber is a codename for Y7 Season 1 operator, that will join the previously released operator Osa, Thorn, and more. It has been said that currently Flubber is planned as a defense operator.

However, no further details were found about the operator then. Now we have new leaks about the next Rainbow Six operator, and the leaks have revealed the look of the R6 Y7S1 operator.

The pictures below were presented on the Rainbow Six subreddit, which shows the next operator named Azami. Fans can spot her wearing a gold and black coat with a matching mask, having a weapon in her hands.

The past leaks additionally revealed the Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami gadget, and the new leaks seem to support the same.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Kiba Gadget

Other than the Rainbow Six Y7S1 operator name, leakers dropped a few insights regarding the Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami gadget, named the Kiba Barrier.

We are yet to get detailed info about Flubber gadget's Kiba Barrier, or how it works, but players have already had a number of Operators having barriers like attacker Osa and defender Goyo. So it is highly possible that R6 Y7S1 Kiba is on either side of Team Rainbow.

The latest R6 leak likewise revealed Kiba's weapon and the loadouts, trailed by the way that she'll show up in the menu. This new leak is definitely a strong one as players were able to get a proper gander at her name and logo in the last leaked picture.

Moreover, we have new info on Azami that claims that she will hail from Japan and will have a two-speed two-armor and her loadout was also revealed.

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami Loadout

As per the leaks, the following weapons are included in Azami's loadout

  • Primary: 9x19VSN, ACS-12
  • Secondary: D-50
  • Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Impact Grenade

Whatever be the case, we will keep updating the article whenever new R6 Y7S1 operator leaks will be dropping before the next Rainbow Six season.

Coming to the R6 Azami abilities, we have an additional detail where fans can spot the kunai included close to her name and in her model. This could possibly be one of the in-game abilities of Kiba, however, it would be best to wait for more information.

Although R6 Azami looks pretty powerful yet a few Siege players don't think she fits with the game by any means. There were many fans who voiced their opinion and stated, "She looks like Cyberpunk 2077 NPC." While another user wrote, "She looks like a character from rogue company."

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Rainbow Six Siege Azami release date

Rainbow Six Y7S1 Azami release date has not been announced up until now. Nonetheless, given Ubisoft drops its new season substance at regular intervals of 3 months, players can anticipate that the next R6 Y7S1 will hit live servers somewhere around March.

Moreover, Ubisoft releases all-new Rainbow Six substances at their esports majors, so there are chances that players will bet a significant look at the R6 Y7S1 operator during Six Invitational 2022 which is scheduled for 8 to 20 February 2022.

Whatever be the case, we will keep updating the article whenever new Azami leaks will be dropping before the next Rainbow Six season.

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