Call of Duty 2022 - Modern Warfare 2 teasers and reveal date leaked

Call of Duty 2022 or CoD Modern Warfare 2 2022 teasers and reveal dates have been hinted at by a known dataminer.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 teasers and reveal date leaked

We received multiple leaks on CoD 2022 even before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard, exposing some significant details about the game. Tom Henderson, a well-known dataminer, deserves the most of the credit for the leaked information regarding the future Call of Duty 2022 game.

The primary contributors to the Call of Duty franchise are Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games, and with each of them delivering a CoD title in 2019, 2020, and 2021, hence it is expected that Infinity Ward will be the developer behind the CoD 2022 game.

With all of the Call of Duty lineups, fans are curious about the Call of Duty 2022 game, and it has been revealed that CoD 2022 will be a sequel to Modern Warfare 2019 game.

We received quite a lot of leaks on the upcoming content that will be coming with the CoD Modern Warfare 2 2022 game including maps, campaigns, weapons, multiplayer, and more. And now new leaks have revealed the potential Call of Duty 2022 - Modern Warfare 2 teasers and reveal date.

Read on to find new details on Call of Duty 2022 - Modern Warfare 2 sequel.

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 teaser and reveal date leak

The latest CoD 2022 leak has come from the same data miner and insider - RalphsValve, who has previously leaked information about the game's map, weapons, and more.

As per the leaked info, players can expect to get the first glimpse of the CoD 2022 game on April 30 as the leaker suggests that the devs will drop the official Modern Warfare II teaser then.

Other than the teaser date, the leaker also talked about CoD Modern Warfare II reveal date. RalphsValve stated that the teaser will not be an official reveal where developers frequently discuss the game in-depth or showcase gameplay, instead the official CoD 2022 reveal date is still planned for May of 2022 according to him.

He, however, didn't reveal any details on what sort of a teaser player should anticipate. But we can make a guess as Activision is known for giving out coded puzzles to some of the game's content creators, we can expect something similar.

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Fans must remember that while these details concerning "Call of Duty 2022" are intriguing, they are not official, so they should treat them with caution. In the development phase, a lot can happen, and unforeseen complications could put one or both of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2022 teasers and reveal date back.

However, if the leak is accurate, fans will not have to wait too long for final confirmation, as April 30th is not far away.

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