Kingdom Hearts 4 - trailers, gameplay, release date, platforms, more

Kingdom Hearts 4 release date is yet to be announced, but the announcement trailer did reveal some intriguing data about Kingdom Hearts 3 sequel.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 has been officially announced

After Kingdom Hearts 3 wrapped up a lot of Sora and Xehanort's plot, many gamers were left wondering about what the series' next chapter would be.

Since the Kingdom Hearts series is known for significant gaps between games, it was believed that Square Enix will wait a long time before releasing any firm news about Kingdom Hearts 4. However, the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts game has been given its first official peek to fans.

A new Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer aired during the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event, promising 2 new Kingdom Hearts games. The first one is Missing Link, a mobile game, while the second is Kingdom Hearts 4, a new mainstream entry.

Like many other games, the Kingdom Hearts 4 was a part of the GeForce NOW leaked list, which has now been officially revealed to the fans. So, let's get to know all the details about Kingdom Hearts 4, including its Release Date, Platforms, Trailers, Gameplay, and more.

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Kingdom Hearts 4

Over the years, Kingdom Hearts has produced a slew of sequels, cementing its status as one of gaming's most enduring RPG franchises. Several fans speculated whether a third sequel may follow Kingdom Hearts 3, and today Square Enix confirmed that perhaps a new Kingdom Hearts game - Kingdom Hearts 4 is in the development.

It was believed that the story's future would revolve around the Master of Master's plans, with a mostly new cast of characters, such as Yozora from Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind's secret episode. However, because Sora is the series' face and still has a lot of maturing to do, many anticipated that he will return as well.

Now that the developers dropped a new Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay trailer, we have an idea of what to expect.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer

The latest Kingdom Hearts sequel was revealed via Square Enix's 20th-anniversary announcement trailer, which included the comeback of fan-favorite characters as well as some stunning visuals.

The Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer starts with the line that if one is unhappy with the outcome, they can leave this world for another; however, it also goes on to state that if they leave this world, they will not be able to return to the one from which they came.

Fans can spot Sora waking up in Quadratum, a metropolis full of energy and an afterworld for someone like them. According to Square Enix, the Kingdom Hearts 4 is the beginning of a new "Lost Master Arc" for the series and following Sora's arrival in the Quadratum, it appears that 7 days have gone.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay

With regards to Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay, not much has been revealed, but the announcement trailer did give a brief glimpse of Sora's abilities.

Sora can be seen zipping up to the enormous heartless, racing over buildings, and doing other fancy footwork in a brief look of gameplay. The Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay trailer shows him repelling an attack with his signature Keyblade while also doing large, nearly drill-like movements.

Other than Sora, after the Kingdom Hearts 4 title is announced, Donald and Goofy emerge, and it appears that they are looking for "help" from someone, however, who this someone remains to be seen. The trailer did show a blue flame, which can possibly hint at this certain "someone".

With the Kingdom Hearts 4 gameplay, we also got a look at the newly upgraded graphics, which is surely exciting.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 story

Sora fights a massive Heartless in Quadratum, a new planet that serves as a sort of Afterlife for Sora. However, the trailer reveals brief glances of the wilderness before that.

This wilderness has led to several conjectures about the Kingdom Hearts 4 storyline as many believe it to be connected to Star Wars.

By the looks of it, the green lush forest areas are certainly not similar to the Quadratum area from Kingdom Hearts 4, prompting many to speculate about this region. Fans speculate that because both Donald and Goofy are away from Sora, the devs have decided to provide some abilities to Sora that will possibly give him access to unknown planets, which is believed to be Star Wars' Endor.

Eagled-eyed fans have also noticed a massive metal foot standing in the thickly wooded area, which can be seen in the top right corner of the screen at the 4.42 timestamp. And it's assumed that perhaps its design is identical to that of an AT-ST foot.

Maybe the overarching Kingdom Hearts 4 story will go a different path, however, both the location (similar to Endor) and an AT-ST foot in the trailer have left a lot of elements for the fans to speculate till the time the game is actually released.

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Kingdom Hearts 4 platform

The latest Disney-themed RPG was announced without specifying any platforms, however, it is expected that the devs will launch the game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S | X, and PC.

Following the highly unpopular Kingdom Hearts Switch Cloud port, it will be fascinating to see if the latest title will be released on the Nintendo Switch as a native version.

Kingdom Hearts 4 release date

Coming to Kingdom Hearts 4 release date, the developers have yet to confirm a release date, but with the game still being under development, it is expected that it game will not be available until 2023 at the earliest.

Obviously, the devs will reveal more info with regards to Kingdom Hearts 4 release date, so keep checking back in with us as we update this article with more information.

This was everything about Kingdom Hearts 4, including its trailers, gameplay, release date, platforms, and more.

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