Call of Duty 2022 - Modern Warfare 2, Gunsmith changes, weapons, teasers, leaks

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the CoD 2022 title will reportedly bring huge Gunsmith changes along with two classic weapons.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 2022 leaks have revealed lots of new details

It seems like we will not have to wait for long for Activision Blizzard to confirm or deny the existence of the next CoD game, Call of Duty 2022 which is rumored to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the 2019's Modern Warfare sequel.

Although Call of Duty 2022 is still a ways off, more and more facts about the game are appearing on the internet every day and new reports have revealed that the devs are planning some significant changes to CoD Modern Warfare 2 along with multiple game modes and a new era of Warzone.

Perhaps one of Modern Warfare's finest features has been the game's incredibly complicated Gunsmith function, which allowed players to customize their weapons with a startling variety of attachments over many slots.

Now as per a new leak, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might well be stepping back from its complexity and, the franchise's hallmark weapon customization system will be reduced down to a form more akin to older Call of Duty games.

Let's get into the details of CoD Modern Warfare 2 2022, big Gunsmith changes, weapons, teasers, and more.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith changes

There are an increasing amount of leaks about the CoD 2022 game, the most recent of which is very interesting.

As per a known leaker in the community, TheGhostOfHope, CoD Modern Warfare 2 will not let players go through all the hustle as they could previously. Rather, now the game will reportedly only offer five separate weapon attachment categories, down from the ten in the Modern Warfare game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a rich and complicated weapon-building system. So, if these claims are true, the classes will revert to the days of the ACR and UMP-45, rather than the Grau and OTs 9.

Although TheGhostOfHope didn't delve into enough information about how the new Gunsmith would work, the inference is it would be more like how the previous Call of Duty games handled customization.

If this information turns out to be genuine, it will almost certainly be included in the rumored imminent Modern Warfare 2 announcement, as Gunsmith has become a key component of every COD game since Modern Warfare.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 weapons leak

Other than the gunsmith changes, leakers have also revealed two weapons that will be a part of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 game.

Popular CoD weapons - ACR and Intervention would reappear in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, as per GhostOfHope.

Veterans of CoD must be able to recall that these two weapons were absolute beasts in the first Modern Warfare 2009 game. Given the low recoil sequence, the ACR is an assault rifle with a decreased rate of fire yet great accuracy.

And then we have Intervention, which comes under the category of most recognizable sniper rifles in the game. This weapon has high damage multipliers, and overall simplicity of usage while having a slow fire rate and a lot of weapon wobble.

For the Modern Warfare 2 2022, it wouldn't be unexpected if Infinity Ward brought back vintage firearms like these, and possibly even more. Furthermore, if these weapons do make a comeback in the future Call of Duty game, they'll very certainly be playable in the new Warzone as well.

While there isn't much information about the upcoming game yet, we can expect to see some great things planned for us.

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 teasers

With the latest activities from the developers, it seems like the Call of Duty teaser season has begun, with the very first clues to the next CoD 2022 game being unearthed.

COD fans didn't have to look far on social media to find a mystery that was buried in plain view.

The Activision studio 'went dark' on social networking sites on Friday, switching its profile pictures and header photos to what appeared to be total darkness at first. When the photographs are improved, they expose something that looks like an outline of Ghost, a fan-favorite character who initially appeared in Modern Warfare 2 in 2009.

This creates a lot of queries about the game's timeline and how the fan-favorite character will fit into the story, but stay tuned for further information.

Modern Warfare 2 will be released alongside a fresh new map for Warzone, as per sources familiar with the developer's intentions. This will be the third all-new arena for the battle royale spin-off.

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Only an official revelation, however, will provide players with firm evidence.

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