Overwatch 2 Cassidy’s new Flashbang ability has been leaked

Overwatch 2 Cassidy Flashbang ability along with a new gun skin has been leaked.

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OW2 Cassidy's Flashbang leaks

Overwatch 2 appears to be on the verge of being launched this year, after months of anticipation. Blizzard has set March 2022 as the date for gamers to try out the Overwatch 2 beta.

On March 18, the Overwatch 2 programmers held a live stream to discuss a range of topics, including balance ideas, how the meta will work after the beta is out on consoles, and more.

The closed beta for Overwatch 2 will begin on April 26th, and with the alpha out, there have already been a few leaks. However, a recent leak claims to have exposed the mechanics of Cassidy's new Overwatch 2 Flashbang ability.

So, let's take a look at what the OW2 Cassidy's Flashbang leaks have revealed.

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Overwatch 2 Cassidy's Flashbang leaks

An anonymous user-uploaded videos showing Cassidy's Flashbang ability in motion on a message board, which was later reposted on the Competitive Overwatch subreddit.

Cassidy's Flashbang ability now appears to be leaving visible dark stains on the floor where it detonates while traveling further before exploding into a bright blue light upon impact. Moreover, OW2 Cassidy's Flashbang ability now has a new icon as well.

The source didn't know precise figures for the damage it does, but said they "believe it slows" targets and that it "certainly doesn't cancel abilities/ults anymore." The leaker wrote on Reddit, "It has a longer period in the air and does a minor amount of damage."

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The fact that Flashbang no longer cancels ultimates is a significant change that might have a significant impact on how the Overwatch 2 hero is played.

A golden gun likewise appears in the video, hinting that along with the skins gained in the first game, other elements would also be carried over to the sequel - Overwatch 2.

When the Overwatch 2 beta starts, it'll be interesting to see how viable Cassidy is, as well as what all the developers have planned for the complete Overwatch 2 characters.

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We also have leaks revealing data on Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit including her passive, ultimate, and abilities. However, it is suggested to take these reports with a grain of salt, even if this may be our first look at OW2 Cassidy's Flashbang ability.

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