Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit - passive, ultimate, abilities leaked

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit has been revealed prior to the close beta as claimed by new leaks.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit leaked

Overwatch is one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world, with terrific characters, a thriving esports economy, and stunning maps. The most well-known FPS from Blizzard has established its position in gaming history.

After months of anticipation, Overwatch 2 appears to be on the verge of being released this year. Blizzard announced the date for gamers to try out the Overwatch 2 beta in March 2022.

On the Overwatch 2 developer live stream on March 18, the devs discussed a variety of issues, including balance ideas, how the meta will function when the beta will be launched on consoles, and more.

The Overwatch 2 closed beta will begin on April 26, but a fresh leak claims to have revealed the Junker Queen kit, probably one of our upcoming Overwatch 2 heroes.

Since the first time when the Junkertown map was initially introduced to the players, The Junker Queen has been suspected to be Overwatch 2 hero. So, let's have a look at what the leaks have revealed about the OW2 Junker Queen kit.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen leak

Félix 'Féfé' Münch, a former Overwatch League coach alleged to have revealed the forthcoming hero's kit, including her skills and ultimate, on April 5. As stated by Félix 'Féfé' Münch, he had some exclusive info on OW2 Junker Queen kit.

Féfé talked about the details that he learned from a reliable source about the hero during a Twitch stream on April 5 with translations provided by Reddit user 'Stuck-In-Orbit.'

Féfé gave details on Junker Queen's weapon, her abilities, passives, ultimate, and more. Let's get into the details of all elements of the Junker Queen kit one by one.

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Overwatch 2 Junker Queen kit leak

Let's begin with Junker Queen's weapon. It has been claimed that her primary weapon is a shotgun known as the "Scattergun". The Junker Queen also carries a sword-like melee weapon with a bleeding effect that deals damage over time.

This Junker Queen's sword also includes a boomerang ability, as per the leaked info, where she may throw it back and possibly boop adversaries as it travels back to her.

Then we have Junker Queen's abilities, with the Rallying Call ability listed as the first one. According to the leaker, the "rallying call" ability of Junker Queen buffs herself and her teammates. This ability gives her an additional 200 HP and her teammates get an additional 100 HP.

It also gives a 30% speed buff but it is unclear whether this is applied only to herself or also to teammates.

The next one of the Junker Queen's abilities is the "carnage" ability that deals damage to all enemies in front of her with a bleeding effect. However, we have no information on how much damage this ability does over time.

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Apart from these, the leaker also detailed Junker Queen's passive ability.

An "adrenaline shot" is Junker Queen's passive ability that heals all damage that is done through bleeding effect (could be extended to fire damage (dynamite) or poison damage (venom mine) too).

Then at last we have Junker Queen's ultimate ability, the "rampage" ultimate where she charges in front of her dealing anti-healing (like anti-nade it seems) to enemies all the while healing herself.

Despite all the data, the leaker wasn't sure of the exact role of Junker Queen as there are two potential options: support or a tank. However, by the looks of Junker Queen's kit, she seems more of a tank than support.

Whatever be the case, it is suggested to take these reports with a grain of salt, even if this may be our first look at an OW2 hero Junker Queen's kit.

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If the leak is correct then it is highly likely that fans will get to see this OW2 Junker Queen hero in the close beta on April 26 as previously Former Game Director Jeff Kaplan who is no longer a part of Blizzard also stated that the company has "huge plans" for the hero in the long term.

And now it appears that he was right and the Junker Queen will be released soon.

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