PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 - event, features, release date, leaks, more

PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 event will soon take place as per the leaks, announcing some new features about the upcoming gadget.

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PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 event and features leaked

PlayStation VR2 or popularly known as PSVR2 will be released sometime in the future but we already have different leaks and info about the upcoming Sony product.

We have had VR gaming headsets for quite some time and different organizations like PlayStation, Meta (Facebook), Valve, and HTC have created their own personal adaptation of VR headsets yet these headsets actually have a lot of potential to it.

The VR headsets actually need additional substance from the top-level organizations which are yet missing, however, Sony has put a lot of exertion into supporting PlayStation VR by releasing some quality games for the gadget and working diligently on the PlayStation VR2 headsets.

However, Sony has not made any formal announcement regarding the PSVR2 release date and fans have been waiting for a long to get some new updates on the gadget.

Giving relief to the fans, recently a known industry insider Jeff Grubb suggested that soon a dedicated PSVR2 event will take place where the PSVR2 will be showcased. Now adding to this, an unlisted video of the mentioned PSVR2 event has likewise been found.

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PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 event leak

Sony disclosed numerous details about PSVR2 earlier this year, including the device's name and the headset and controllers. The organization also announced the device's characteristics, which include a 4K HDR display and haptic feedback built right into the headgear.

Now according to a leak from VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, PlayStation VR 2 may be getting its own event shortly.

Whilst discussing three PlayStation speculations that have been swirling around the web, Grubb claimed that he had received info that Sony is preparing a PlayStation VR2 event in the upcoming days on his Giant Bomb podcast GrubbSnax.

Grubb did not give a specific time range for the showcase, but he did mention that several developers were able to try out the gadget at the Game Developers Conference last week.

However, taking on step ahead, fans have found an unlisted video of the mentioned PSVR2 event on the Unity channel with the title - Building next-gen games for PlayStation VR2 with Unity at GDC 2022.

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The leaked PSVR2 event footage of GDC 2022 shows a series of new features of the upcoming gadget.

PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 features

It is a known fact that PSVR2 will be known as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, which is a device created by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite. Sony is yet to detail the titles and the PSVR2 price, but the PSVR2 event has indeed revealed a slew of features. 

These PSVR2 features include:

  • PS VR2 is PlayStation's Next Generation
  • Enables a great sense of presence
  • Allow players to immerse into the gaming world
  • Heightened range of sensations
  • High fidelity visual experience
  • 4k HDR
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Foveated rendering
  • Can expect a display resolution of 2000 by 2040 per eye and smooth frame rates of 90 or 120 hertz
  • Headset Based controller
  • Sense Tech
  • Eye-tracking headset
  • Provides a new level of realism
  • Can run at different frame rates
  • Can render at 60 frames per second and reproject the frames at 120 hertz

The combination of foveated rendering with eye-tracking, as well as the haptic feedback in the headset, are two big highlights of this PSVR2 presentation.

The combination of foveated rendering and eye tracking appears to be able to free up a significant amount of GPU resources, while the eye-tracking also adds some intriguing gameplay aspects. It has been claimed that instead of constantly reaching out for things in a game, one can simply look at them and press a button on the controller to pick them up.

Furthermore, the event mentions how throwing objects on the PSVR1 was incredibly imprecise, but that the use of eye-tracking can aid in accurately throwing an object at a target by combining your motion and where your eyes are looking.

When it comes to haptic feedback, it's been mentioned that it can give you a tap if you knock your head on something in the game world, that it can be used to imitate a car accelerating quickly, and that you can feel things zooming by your head.

One interesting application that was highlighted during the PSVR2 event was using haptic feedback in conjunction with the controllers. For example, if an explosion occurs on your right side, your right controller may react severely, while your headset may react moderately, and your left controller may react lightly.

PlayStation VR2 or PSVR2 release date

Back in January 2022, a leak revealed that PSVR 2 is heading toward mass production and now the PSVR2 demo has likewise been recorded at GDC, so it would be wrong if we expect the product to drop this year.

The chances are high that Sony will schedule the PSVR2 release date this year only, that is 2022.

Sony actually hasn't authoritatively reported any info on the PSVR 2 production, yet this multitude of informal affirmations and leaks suggest that fans will not have to wait for long for the official declaration about the PSVR2 release date.

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