MultiVersus characters list might include Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, more

MultiVersus characters include Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Ted Lasso, and more, says a known leaker.

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MutliVersus Character roster leak

If you are into superhero comic books and like gaming, then one of the video games you need to be on the lookout for is MultiVersus. This upcoming free-to-play crossover fighting title, developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will sport many characters belonging to the Warner Bros. Discovery catalog.

And as is the case with almost every upcoming video game, there have been leaks regarding the MultiVersus character roster.

MultiVersus’ original leaker has put forth the allegation that Daffy Duck, Ted Lasso, and Ben 10 will be in the title, in addition to providing more information about the previous leaks which also revealed some of the characters.

So, let's dwell on further details of the upcoming MultiVersus characters leak.

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MultiVersus Characters roster

One rather noteworthy aspect of the development of MultiVersus is just how much information data miners have been able to leak out to the community before the game was officially revealed. The start of this leak-spree can be credited to Reddit user hugeleakeractually.

Now, this person confirmed the existence of this title initially. In addition to that, they also revealed many characters to feature in MultiVersus’ roster. And most of these leaks have come to pass since then. Adding to this, hugeleakeractually has some more to share about this exciting game with us. So stay tuned with this post.

MultiVersus Characters leaks

Starting the MultiVersus Characters leak off, this Reddit user gives us the names of a lot of characters, many of which have already been datamined at this point in the game’s development and have lots of leaked content from the title itself.

These earlier leaked MultiVersus characters are:

  • Rick
  • Morty
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Lebron James

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That being said, these aren’t the only characters that hugeleakeractually mentioned in the post. Those that were a shock for many of us include The Hound, The Wicked Witch, Daenerys, Godzilla, and The Wicked Witch.

Also, there’s Joker, Raven Marvin the Martian, and Gizmo. Just reading the MultiVersus Characters leak this far might have you on the edge of your seat in excitement. Even more so, if you are a DC fan.

Then the MultiVersus leak goes on to discuss the status of some of the previous leaks which gave us the names of the characters which were leaked initially. Hugeleakeractually said that work on Johnny Bravo had been done. They claimed that he is to come to the game with Fred Flintstone eventually.

Another exciting character on the list is Mad Max. From what we can surmise, Mad Max is on hold at the moment. The reason is most possibly IP issues. The same goes for the character Harry Potter. The case with the latter, however, is that hugeleakeractually is not sure if any development has even taken place on it.

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New MultiVersus Characters leak

The last part of the post had an interesting “twist,” so to speak. hugeleakeractually included a list of characters that they believe to be “very likely” to be in the roster of MultiVersus Characters. The list is given below:

  • Samurai Jack – Samurai Jack
  • The Powerpuff Girls – Powerfull Girls (all one Fighter)
  • The Animaniacs – The Animaniacs (believed by the leaker to also be a single Fighter)
  • Duck Dodgers/Daffy – Looney Tunes
  • Scorpion – Mortal Kombat
  • Ben 10 – Ben 10
  • Ted Lasso – Ted Lasso

And with that, we come to the end of the leak. At this point, it should be kept in mind that hugeleakeractually was the one who leaked MultiVersus to the world initially.

Almost all of the information that they have given to the community has turned out to be true. All this makes us suspect that they have got some or the other type of inside information about the title. And that makes what has just been revealed all the more likely to be true as well. Good for those who are fans of all those characters just listed then!

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Another interesting and curious aspect of this leak is that Eleven from Stranger Things finds no mention in it, even though she is in the title’s data and there are voice lines related to her. But case in point, Iron Giant was also assumed by many leakers to not be there in the game because he doesn’t have a lot of lines.

This just goes to show that surprises are possible and taking this information with a grain of salt is not the worst thing.

We don't have a specific MultiVersus release date for that month yet, but we do know that's when the open beta will begin, allowing everyone to download and play the game.

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