Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass, suggests rumors

Is Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass? Rumors suggest the answer could be yes.

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Ubisoft+ at Xbox Game Pass

For those of you who are really into gaming, you may be familiar with Ubisoft Plus. And for those who are not that interested in gaming, Ubisoft Plus is the premium gaming subscription that Ubisoft offers.

So far, this gaming service has not been in the Xbox Game Pass. But that is about to change or maybe so the rumors say. These Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass rumors have originated from the official account of Ubisoft itself.

Looking at the activity of Microsoft in the past few months, we can clearly see that they have been working on improving their Game Pass subscription. They have been pretty active in pushing it for quite some time now. And looking at this, Sony has also started its own competitor of Game Pass, which is PlayStation Plus.

It is no secret that Sony and Microsoft are rivals in the gaming industry. And so is the case with the Game Pass/ PlayStation Plus situation. Each of them is looking for ways to promote their good service and attract more customers to it than the other.

And now we have a new rumor from Ubisoft that hints at the arrival of Ubisoft+ at Xbox Game Pass.

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Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass Rumor

This Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass rumor has come to the attention of the world at large through the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit.

The official account of Ubisoft Netherlands on Instagram posted some stuff discussing the Ubisoft+ service on their account. A commenter commented on the post, saying “Gooi maar op gamepass,” meaning “Throw it on gamepass.” And to everybody’s genuine surprise, Ubisoft Netherlands responded with a “Soon!”

Now, you can see all this on the subreddit link given. And as you can well imagine, this one reply of Ubisoft’s has given rise to a set of rumors and conjectures that Ubisoft+ has a lot of chance of being on Xbox Game Pass.

But even if Ubisoft+ does come to Xbox Game Pass, honestly, it shouldn’t be that big a surprise as there are quite a few reasons for this.

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One is that already bundled with Xbox Game Pass comes EA Play, as you all probably know. Then we have to ask ourselves, is it that surprising that another developer wants to do the same with Xbox. We should keep in mind that lately, a lot of Ubisoft games have come onto the Xbox gaming subscription.

However, this isn’t the only way to look at the events at hand. We have to factor in the frequent error in judgment that humans make. Maybe whoever at Ubisoft replied to that comment did not understand its point. Some say that this comment about game pass might have been taken to point at Ubisoft+’s release on Xbox.

And if you really think about it, you will see that it is not that unlikely a possibility.

Well, whatever the case might be, we will hopefully be able to learn a lot more about Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox Game Pass in the days that follow.

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