League of Legends Nilah - new ADC bot laner, abilities, release date, teaser, leaks

LoL Nilah, the upcoming melee ADC bot lane has been revealed by the devs, along with a few of her abilities.

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League of Legends Nilah officially revealed

There is no doubt that League of Legends is one of the most popular games among gamers and gamers all around the globe highly anticipate any new update that gets released within a fixed frame of time.

Riot Games, for example, has released numerous fantastic champions this year, including Zeri, Renata, and Bel'Veth with more planned for the future. After Bel'Veth, we now have the next playable bot laner champion - League of Legends Nilah in the lineup.

Back on September 27, the devs dropped Champion Roadmap which revealed some interesting insights about the upcoming League of Legends' bottom lane marksman champion, next support champion, and Void-based jungler.

The last time Riot revealed BelVeth to the players, however, we have some new info on the next playable champ, League of Legends Nilah that has been revealed by the devs.

So, let's get into the details about this upcoming LoL melee ADC bot lane character: Nilah release date, trailer, abilities, and more.

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League of Legends Nilah Revealed

On June 17, the devs dropped a new League of Legends Nilah Champion Trailer, revealing details about the upcoming melee ADC bot lane champion.

The League of Legends 161st champion was introduced to the players via a surprise reveal where it has been announced that Nilah is an ascetic warrior from a distant land, seeking the world’s deadliest, most titanic opponents so that she might challenge and destroy them.

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LoL Nilah has been described as a confident and joyful woman who always wears an eerie smile. Moreover, her strength and origins are shrouded in the mystery and she once had a different name and lived a very different life.

As per the given description, "Nilah’s sudden arrival in Bilgewater has sent the city into an uproar. Her duels with rampaging sea serpents defy the limits of human ability: Racing across the surface of the open ocean with a whip-blade formed from glittering, prismatic water, she scales the great beasts before dramatically slaying them, pausing only to thank her “worthy enemies” for their efforts. "

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League of Legends Nilah Gameplay Trailer

Coming to League of Legends Nilah abilities, the devs likewise detailed the abilities of the upcoming champion depicting her as a champion who amplifies the healing and shielding abilities of allies.

League of Legends Nilah Abilities

As per the recent revelations made by the devs in the League of Legends 161 champion trailer video, the new melee ADC bot lane has the following abilities:

  • LoL Nilah ability - Passive: Joy Unending

Nilah amplifies the healing and shielding abilities of nearby allies. Allies that heal or shield Nilah gain a bonus heal or shield for themselves. And when an allied champion heals or shields themselves near Nilah, she gives herself a bonus heal or shield.

If Nilah last hits an enemy minion, she and her nearest allied champion will gain the normal amount of shared experience, plus half of the experience that would have been lost due to sharing.

  • LoL Nilah ability - Q: Formless Blade

Passive: Attacks and ability damage against champions ignore some of their armor and heal Nilah for part of the damage dealt. This effect scales with crit chance and converts any excess healing into a shield.

Active: Nilah’s Formless Blade strikes in a line, damaging all enemies hit. Hitting an enemy will briefly increase Nilah’s attack range and attack speed and empower her basic attacks, causing them to splash in a cone and deal additional damage.

  • LoL Nilah ability - W: Jubilant Veil

Nilah shrouds herself in a Jubilant Veil and briefly gains bonus move speed, takes reduced magic damage, and dodges all incoming basic attacks.

Touching an ally champion hides them in the veil as well, but they’ll be protected for a shorter period.

  • LoL Nilah ability - E: Slipstream

Slipstream lets Nilah dash through a target unit, traveling a fixed distance every time and damaging all enemies she passes through. She can store up to 2 charges at once.

Cast Formless Blade during Slipstream to pull a wave in your path, dealing damage after a quick delay and granting Formless Blade’s enhanced basic attack effect.

  • LoL Nilah ability - R: Apotheosis

Nilah unleashes a surge of power, lashes her whip in an area around her, and, with a final burst, pulls enemies in toward the center.

Apotheosis heals Nilah for part of the damage dealt, converting any excess healing into a shield. This effect scales with crit chance and is granted to nearby allies.

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League of Legends Nilah Release Date

Thursday, July 14, 2022, is the official LoL Nilah release date as it has been stated that Nilah is expected to make her debut in League of Legends patch 12.13, scheduled two weeks later in mid-July.

Nilah's first skin will be a Star Guardian Nilah skin as per the official announcement. So,, Nilah will be released very soon as the Star Guardian 2022 Event will also begin with Patch 12.13, however, there are chances that the Star Guardian event will be split into two patches - Patch 12.13 or 12.14.

League of Legends Nilah - upcoming melee champion teaser

On June 16, Riot dropped a new video hinting at the next bot lane, Nilah. Sharing the video, the devs said, "The waters of life flow on forever. Whose story will they tell? From distant shores, tomorrow."

League of Legends bot laner - Past Nilah leaks

In the most recent League of Legends Champion Roadmap April 2022, Riot talked about the final 'unconventional' bot lane champion to be introduced in the game. Small facts about the champion have previously been given, but this time the teaser was just an image for the new bot lane champion.

"The champion is likely to be a female bot laner that will shake up the meta," said Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, the lead champion producer, who presented the teaser art of the next LoL bot laner, implying that she has multiple hands and is tied to water in some way.

However, aside from a few hand gestures and watery effects, the LoL Nilah teaser image doesn't reveal much.

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Teaser image of the next LoL bot lane

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Next League of Legends bot lane name

Now adding to teaser and leaks, the name of the upcoming LoL Bot laner has also been revealed.

The new bot laner's name will be Nilah, as per a recent leak from BigBadBear on Twitter. BigBadBear is the same individual who revealed the next bot lane ADC will be a melee champion, which turned out to be correct.

The Arabic word 'Nilah' refers to a flower known as a 'Water Hyacinth', as a result, her affinity for water is understandable.

At the April champion roadmap, another element of her lore was revealed. Nilah is portrayed as a colorful stranger from the other side of the ocean. During one of her combat scenes, the "sound of splashing water" and "joyful laughter" are mentioned.

In addition, a "woman with a laughing jar" dressed in strange attire is shown in the most recent lore concerning Graves.

Furthermore, the champion's name was discovered in the list of characters with Star Guardian skins by the content creators. This confirms that Nilah will bring one of these setups to the game.

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League of Legends Nilah Abilities

Riot hasn't revealed any details on the League of Legends' new bot laner - Nilah skills or gameplay.

Riot can't reveal that information because her kit is still in development, and it's too early for anyone to predict with any real certainty. And while the developers haven't revealed any specific bot laner - Nilah abilities, leakers did come to our rescue.

Another reliable source, Ryscu (@Ryscu), previously created a video claiming that the upcoming LoL Bot Laner champion will be similar to a 'Water Yasuo.' One of her major powers, similar to Yasuo's Q, will be one of her main abilities. She will be able to perform it three times, just like Yasuo, however, the hitbox will alter with each cast.

Her skills are virtually completely unknown. However, we can expect a melee bot laner with some unusual mechanics. She may be employing some kind of mist, as indicated in the roadmap narrative, and we can only assume what the "laughing jar" is for. During the tavern brawl, League of Legends Nilah was also depicted as having "weird glowing puddles all over the place."

Other Nilah's skills are unclear, but she'll need dashes, cc, or abilities that synergize nicely with a lane mate to play in the bot lane as a melee champion.

We have no additional information on Nilah beyond what we can observe by gazing at the photo because Riot is yet to reveal official details. We will make sure to update the article whenever Riot decides to drop in new info about this new League of Legends Nilah abilities.

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Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL new melee ADC bot lane champion - Nilah and the elements that it will bring. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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