League of Legends BelVeth - abilities, release date, trailer, leaks, new void jungler reveal

League of Legends BelVeth, the upcoming void jungler has been revealed officially, and we have quite a lot of info on her.

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League of Legends Bel'Veth has been revealed officially

League of Legends, a multiplayer online combat arena video game developed and released by Riot Games in 2009, has risen to the top of the industry in recent years. It has every right to do so, given how enjoyable and exhilarating it is.

They've made their mark on players' hearts by constantly pumping out new material, with the developers usually releasing a new update within a certain time limit and introducing a new champion with it.

Riot Games, for example, has released numerous fantastic champions this year, including Zeri and Renata, with more planned for the future. After Renata, we now have the next playable Void jungler champion - League of Legends BelVeth in the lineup.

During the League of Legends Champion Roadmap, Bel'Veth was teased and there have been numerous leaks surrounding the title since then including the data on League of Legends BelVeth abilities.

However, now Riot has officially revealed LoL BelVeth to us. So, let's get into the details about this upcoming void jungler character: League of Legends Bel'Veth, its trailer, abilities, release date, leaks, and more.

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League of Legends BelVeth

The impending Void jungler in League of Legends was first hinted at as "an astounding new jungler that should fill a Void in all your hearts" in the September 2021 champion roadmap.

Then it all came to a head during the Season 12 announcement stream in January 2022, where further information about the next jungler champion was disclosed, including that it would be quite powerful.

While discussing the new jungler, Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles became "possessed" and stated, "I get what you mean. Everything is visible to me. The area is covered in purple cities and a lavender sea. My emperor, she is in charge of everything. This is what Runeterra should be in its real form."

Other than the January tease, BelVeth's in-game model was also revealed last month in a developer post released on April 18.

Now the upcoming void jungler has been revealed officially, and the devs have dropped a new League of Legends BelVeth Cinematic Trailer for us.

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League of Legends BelVeth Official Reveal

As per the description shared by Riot, Bel'Veth much more than being a is a forerunner of the Void's hunger. Bel'Veth, instead of siding with the Void Watchers, the forefathers of current Voidborn, aims to engulf the planet for her own ends, even though she was born when the Void devoured a city and gained consciousness by joining the lives of people the Void devoured.

LoL BelVeth refers to her own universe as the Lavender Sea.

The initial official reveal of LoL Bel'Veth came from a cinematic trailer, where, Kai'Sa, who has already journeyed into the core of the Void, discovers a mysterious woman. Players can easily tell that Kai'Sa doesn't share a normal relationship with the void jungle as she attacks Bel'Veth the moment she sees her.

The lore of LoL BelVeth describes her to be "everything the Void has swallowed," and she intends to devour the entire world.

League of Legends BelVeth Champion Trailer

League of Legends BelVeth Cinematic Trailer

Coming to League of Legends Belveth abilities, leaks have detailed the abilities of the upcoming champion depicting her as a complicated character.

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League of Legends BelVeth Leaks

  • League of Legends BelVeth Abilities

Riot hasn't revealed any details on the League of Legends BelVeth skills or gameplay. She will, however, possess some scary abilities. The devs suggested that the "Lavender Sea," which "crash like waves against the enemy's protective structures," could be one of LoL Bel'Veth skills and even called her a "skirmisher."

Earlier, leaks only revealed the name of LoL BelVeth skills:

  • Passive - Death In Lavender
  • Q - Void Surge
  • W - Above and Below
  • E - Royal Maelstrom
  • Ultimate - Endless Banquet

However, now got new leaks from @BigBadBear_, who is known for dropping precise information prior to the official release, and recently tweeted a video detailing League of Legends' BelVeth abilities.

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  • LoL BelVeth ability - Passive: Death in Lavender

Enemies (Champs, big monster camps, epic monsters, siege, and super minions) drop a ‘Coral’ when they die. Bel’veth can collect these to stack her passive. This passive forms a swarm, based on the stacks. It grants her lifesteal against JG camps. If she attacks a turret or epic monster, she sends her swarm to it, healing her and damaging it. It consumes all stacks.

  • LoL BelVeth ability - Q: Void Surge

Passive: Bel’Veth has an “arrow” in 4 diagonals.

Active: Bel’Veth dashes, dealing damage and slow. It procs her passive to passed enemies while in Endless Banquet. When she damages a champ/big monster/epic monster (in the direction of the arrow) with her dash, it is fully restored to cast again. Using against small monsters/minions in the direction of the arrow, it restores 40% of Q CD.

  • LoL BelVeth ability - W: Above and Below

It seems the same as Rek’sai W and Pyke’s W. Bel’veth goes underground for a short time, gaining move speed and going through walls. In the end, she unburrows, dealing damage and knocking up all enemies in the area. While in Endless Banquet, she becomes untargetable and grants a short stun after the knockup.

  • LoL BelVeth ability - E: Royal Maelstrom

Bel’veth starts channeling a vortex; during it, she can’t move and pull all enemies to her, damaging them for each second. During it, she receives less damage. She gives back a % of all damage she received from the attackers (like Thornmail). While in Endless Banquet, this deals a % of true damage over a second, her damage reduction is higher, and at the end, she can explode its area.

  • LoL BelVeth ability - Ultimate: Endless Banquet

Bel’veth turns into her true form for (?) seconds (like Aatrox’s R or Swain’s new R), buffing all her skills. She gains HP, MR, Armor, and Damage. While transformed, collecting (Passive stack) heals Bel’Veth for a %. She uses all her stacks to form a swarm of (fishes?), damaging enemies champs nearby. The swarm dies after some time, but it can be renewed by killing champions.

If there are any changes to the leaked abilities, then it will certainly be reflected in the official post, however, Riot hasn't revealed that information because the LoL BelVeth kit is still in development.

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We will make sure to update the article whenever Riot decides to drop in new info about this new League of Legends BelVeth abilities.

  • League of Legends BelVeth footage leak

Earlier, the devs and leakers revealed new visuals of the Void Empress jungler, which showed a purple stinger-like appendage emerging from a cloud of fog, ready to hit a terrified, faceless man.

BelVeth's wings were partially visible in a photo released by Riot. The wings have sharp ends and resembled those of a Manta Ray or a Bat. This was brand-new knowledge for the community, and there was a slew of other predictions about how she would appear.

From the in-game model, fans recognized that Bel'Veth will have two separate forms. However, the majority of her gear remained a mystery. However, a Reddit thread recently claimed to have revealed LoL BelVeth abilities.

League of Legends BelVeth release date

Later in League of Legends Season 12, the 160th Champion: Void jungler - BelVeth will be released, as per the information revealed by Riot. We already got Zeri in January and then the Zaun support - Renata in February 2022. Hence the next void jungler will be the third release of 2022.

It was expected that with LoL patch 12.11, the League of Legends BelVeth will be released in the game, however, her release has been delayed for unknown reasons.

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Yet, players can expect to see her on the PBE shortly where you will get more info on the new void jungler.

Well, there you have it. Everything we know so far about the new LoL Bel'Veth, the new void jungler in the game. Be sure to check it out when it releases. We will keep updated with new info, so keep following.

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